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Where to go in Europe?

What to do in Europe? Our favourite destinations

To the question where to go in Europe? It is possible to answer that each part of the territory reveals incredible wealth. On the so-called Old Continent, many cities are home to an exceptional heritage.

A trip to Rome or Prague is an opportunity to discover thousand-year-old monuments where you have to take the time to examine every detail.

Europe's particularity is also to offer an incredible variety of landscapes. From the great fjords and mountains of Norway, to the green plains of Scotland.

It is also possible to go to sunny destinations where the mild weather is present for a large part of the year. For example, go to the Greek islands and discover the Mediterranean architecture of cities that seem to plunge into the shade of blue of the sea.

A travel guide to Europe also systematically offers multiple ways to have a good time, by tasting great wines in France's largest wine regions, and by enjoying moments of culture and relaxation in dynamic cities like London and Barcelona.

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