Welcome to Macedonia! Or, at least and above all, in the "Republic of Northern Macedonia". Will this small country finally have a real name, recognized by all? At the end of 2018, Parliament approved the change of the country's name after a national consultation by referendum. The process, if it continues as planned, should put an end to the dispute which has been going on for twenty-five years with Greece - one of whose regions is called Macedonia. Landlocked in the heart of the Balkans, the former Republic of the former Yugoslavia (FYROM) is still too little known. This small country of 2 million inhabitants suffers from a lack of image, even confusion in the memory of most people. But what about this country that became independent in 1991? Who would know how to locate it without hesitation on the map of Europe? The tragic events of the 1990s highlighted above all the conflicts that troubled its closest neighbours: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia . And yet, as a true compendium of Balkan history and cultures, the Republic of Macedonia is certainly a country to discover. One should stroll along the shores of Lake Ohrid and contemplate the mountains overlooking its deep waters, stop and meditate near the many churches in the tourist capital of the country. One must discover the monasteries nestled on the mountainside, the mosques with their welcoming gardens, the fantastic futuristic monuments inherited from the socialist period. Finally, it is necessary to venture by car on the roads to the East, where the rice fields of the region Kočani and the vineyards of Kavadarci spread out under the sun, to go east and visit the enchanting waterfalls of Smolari and Kolešino, created by a generous nature. The Republic of Macedonia is a country for nature and hiking lovers. A country for those who know how to marvel at the extraordinary variety of landscapes, from green mountains to wide lunar spaces reminiscent of the canyons of Arizona or Utah. A country for those who know how to live the moment, savouring a local wine, a salad of real tomatoes or tasty eggplants. Finally, a country whose inhabitants know how to welcome the traveller with true kindness and who do not hesitate, when he is lost, to bring him back on the right path.

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