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Where to go, by month and by season?

You can go on holidays for a few days, but you still don't know where to go?

Choosing the best time to explore a country, region or city is essential to get the most out of your chosen destination once you are there.
Having the answer of « where and when to go », is first and foremost the guarantee to enjoy your trip in the best condition.
It does not matter whether it's a last-minute vacation or a well-planned trip, it's always a good idea to check out before you leave and not once your trip is over, whether the chosen season is the best time to travel to your ideal destination.
A major event not to be missed (whale watching, cultural festival, spring flowering, aurora borealis), a tourist affluence so strong that it could spoil your vacation or blow up your travel budget, climatic conditions that are too extreme (heat wave, rainy season, cyclones, snowfall, extreme cold) that may impact your holiday .... So many things to consider when choosing your destination so as to leave at the best time.

The climatic aspect is probably one of the most important especially if you go abroad, mostly outside of Europe. Don't forget, for example, that the seasons are reversed with those of the southern hemisphere. Some very pleasant destinations in winter or autumn can be avoided in spring or at the beginning of summer and vice versa. In some countries, some activities (hiking, scuba diving, kite-surfing, snowmobiling) can only be practiced for a few months in the year according to climatic changes (rainfall, temperature, wind, currents), and some regions can even become inaccessible to travellers.

Here is a selection of destinations to know where and when to go on holiday month by month, from January to December, but also according to your desires, your budget, the duration of your holidays, cultural events or activities that you want to practice, during a mild weather.

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