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Capital of the former Languedoc-Roussillon region, second city of the new Occitania, Montpellier is a dynamic city. Very dynamic. It is also the largest French city with the highest population growth. Student (there are many colleges and schools), festive, modern and historical, it offers a privileged living environment to many Parisians (especially) in search of a sunny living environment (300 days of sunshine per year!) and urban. Over the past three decades, the Languedoc capital has gone from being a "sleeping beauty" to a city of technology and culture where museums (Musée Fabre), art galleries, concert halls and festivals abound. The city also offers a beautiful mix of old (private mansions dating from the Middle Ages, cobbled streets), and contemporary (Port Marianne, Antigone, Pierre Vives). A short distance from the beaches of Carnon and Palavas, close to nature and the scrubland, Montpellier embodies the southern dolce vita thanks to its many terraces, its Comédie square, its shaded alleys and its lively nightlife. Certainly, Montpellier is a rising value of tourism in France!

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When to go to Montpellier? Winter is not very interesting (although the weather is very mild, even in this period). It is certainly in April-May and September-October that the city is most pleasant. The weather is nice and hot (but reasonable): the terraces are back on the streets and the streets are filled with small improvised shows. Prices, at this time, are still affordable. In summer, the city of Montpellier hardly stops living despite the city's heat, which is sometimes difficult to bear. However, you can take advantage of this opportunity to reach the coastal seaside resorts and take a small sea bath

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When to go to Montpellier? Winter is not very interesting (although the weather is very mild, even in this period). I...
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Montpellier lives at the rhythm of the Mediterranean climate, a pleasant climate that is conducive to relaxation. The...
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Quelles activités prévoir pour un enterrement de vie de jeune fille à Montpellier ?

This is it, your best friend is going to take the plunge and put a ring on her finger in a few months! Before the big day, the witnesses will have to organize the bachelorette party, a moment to get together with friends and mark the last hours of celibacy. The bachelorette party is a moment to breathe in a period where stress is generally de rigueur and for this, there are a multitude of possible activities. Artistic workshops, culinary, ...

Gare au Brassens : la Métropole de Montpellier rend hommage au célèbre auteur-compositeur

The City and Metropolis of Montpellier is launching a cultural season dedicated to Georges Brassens on the occasion of the centenary of his birth, who remains a mythical figure of French song and who was born in Sète. The public will be able to attend 4 highlights including the concert "Brassens a 100 ans" by François Morel and the exhibition "Gare au Brassens" at the Espace Dominique Bagouet. No less than 32 cultural events will then take ...

Musée Fabre à Montpellier : exposition d'art abstrait d'Américains installés en France

After the Second World War, Paris gradually lost its role as the world capital of Western art to New York City. At the same time, many American artists, more than 400, fascinated by the City of Light, its museums, the French masters, but also by personal or political choice, decided to settle temporarily or permanently in the French capital and make it the place of their artistic creation. The exhibition "United States of Abstraction: ...

Montpellier, escapade culturelle et gourmande sous le soleil

Museums, cultural leisure, outdoor activities and a lovely heart, it offers all the advantages of the city, with sun, beach and the Mediterranean as a bonus. Hand in hand with the Camargue and backed by a magnificent region, Montpellier gives you the choice of escapades knowing that it is always towards it that you reviendrez ! So, let's take advantage of these last days of sunshine to treat ourselves to a Mediterranean getaway of choice. ...