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Where to go in the Near and Middle East?

What to do in the Near and Middle East? Our favourite destinations

A trip to the Near and Middle East is a real dive into the heart of history, where you can spot the traces of past civilizations on fantastic sites that have not hesitated to mark with their know-how the natural elements of the environment.

We think of Petra, the "pink city" of Jordan, carved in sandstone walls in the desert or the impressive pyramid of Egypt, jewels of antiquity.

How can we not be moved at other times by the beauty of Jerusalem, the central city of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian religions.

When you wonder where to go in the Near and Middle East to marvel at one landscape after another? Of course, we must mention Lebanon, amazing for its natural treasures gathered on a small territory. From mountains to arid and green valleys, the 200 km of coastline is an unconditional call to rest on beautiful beaches.

It should also not be forgotten that the Near and Middle East is a region of the world looking to the future, and which does not hesitate to think very big. This is evidenced by the rise of surprising cities in the United Arab Emirates.

A Dubai travel guide is sure to offer you the opportunity to climb to the top of its highest towers, to see modernity, immensity, all in the heart of a burning desert.

Other countries and tourist areas in the Near and Middle East

The main cities of the Near and Middle East

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