Welcome to Abu Dhabi! A country, on the edge of the East, where the future is being invented every day. It is a real enchantment to go to the red dune, the green palm grove, the golden marbled palace, the adamantine mosque, the museum with the steel dome, in the heart of the largest of the emirates, still all orange sand, to take a break in these luminous regions where Jean Nouvel designed the floating dome of the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Because, yes, the Emirate is in fact an emir of cultures, the cradle of the country that dares, where everything is possible, a safe and modern country with many assets. Abu Dhabi, literally "Father of the Gazelles", takes Tolerance as its watchword in 2019. Discreet, he's not very talkative. Yet Abu Dhabi knows how to let itself be apprehended and surprised, patiently directing its travellers towards the discovery of its many historical, cultural and natural wonders. And beyond the spells of the cloudless desert, in the immense Rub Al Khali (empty quarter) of Bedouin legends and the dreams of explorers, how not to be fascinated by this region of the Gulf gorged with salt and oysters from which the pearls of the Medici came out, at the cost of exhausting years? Yesterday's "Great Barrier Reef" and "Pirates' Coast", Abu Dhabi today presents itself as a laboratory of postmodernity that would play with all the paradoxes of identity and otherness, a staunch defender of the dialogue of civilizations, a territory of knowledge-sharing, a non-negotiable foundation of religious and social traditions. Dare to! It's a fantastic bath of energy under the sky. This is the historic moment of a people in the first suns of their Golden Age. Let yourself be surprised by the magic of the Orient...

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