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Founders of Petit Futé Travel Guides
Jean-Paul Labourdette and Dominique Auzias
Founders of Petit Futé travel guides

Getaway during the weekend or road trip everywhere in the world: it is the dream of everybody
Each year Le Petit Futé publishes 800 tourist guides, whether it is on paper or digital and thanks to its site, in order to help you to accomplish your dreams of travelling.
It was this somewhat crazy ambition that prompted us to launch in 1976 our very first travel guides  : New York first, then India, South Africa... It was the beginning of a long and beautiful adventure which is still as exciting today.

For more than 40 years, our local authors, who are all experts and lovers of their country, are constantly travelling to meet the inhabitants, to discover and test restaurants, accommodation, outings and places to visit...
The result: personal and lively travel guides, guides who want to share the experience of an authentic journey.
From Alaska to Zanzibar, from Adelaide to Zagreb, the planet Earth has (almost) no secrets for us.

It's your turn to discover about them with the travel guides of Petit Futé's.
And to join the great family of Petits Futés.