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Epicentre of the dolce vita, Rome is a peaceful and modern capital that can be discovered in several days, even in several trips. An open-air museum that can be explored by strolling through its narrow streets on the lookout for a fountain, a Madonna or a church, which are always exceptional. This tourist guide will serve as a treasure map to discover these mythical places: Colosseum, Saint Peter's Basilica, Roman Forum, Palatine, Trevi Fountain, or the Vatican and its famous Sistine Chapel. There are of course all these essential sites in Rome but there are also all those that we let you discover at random during your walks and that this time will only belong to you. Finally, how can we talk about Rome without talking about food? The alla romana cuisine is representative of this Italian cuisine that you can't get enough of. Among the city's specialities, there are antipasti such as fiori di zucca, pumpkin flower fritters filled with mozzarella, suppli, seasoned rice balls and roasted peppers, a delight. In primi piatti we start with homemade pasta in sauce or minestra soup, before continuing with secondi. Meat on the table: chicken, lamb, beef often accompanied by the famous Roman carciofi, the artichoke. Finally, Rome is home to amazing gellaterie serving ice creams with countless flavours at any time of the day and in any weather. Essential dessert to take the time to observe the elegance of the inhabitants from the terrace of a café.

What to see, what to do Rome?

When to go Rome ?

Rome's mild climate and the ease of finding cheap flights make it possible today to visit the Eternal City at any time of the year. However, the most appropriate time to fully appreciate the Roman way of life is between March and June or September and October, when the heat is not as overwhelming as in summer. It is also the time when the Romans, enjoying the sunny days, crowd the streets and main squares. Note that during the fortnight of August, the city is deserted by its inhabitants because of the heat wave, but it remains one of the favourite destinations for international tourism. Finally, a final remark: hotels consider the months of March to October as high season periods.

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Covid-19 : current situation Rome

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, entry and travel restrictions may apply Rome. Remember to visit the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before you leave for the latest information
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How to go Rome

How to go alone

It is very easy to travel alone to Rome. Public transport and hotel facilities are plentiful, you can make your choice. To avoid wasting too much time queuing in front of each monument, remember to buy your tickets in advance on the Internet or on site the day before. Queue-cutting tickets also save time for a few extra euros.

How to go on a tour

Many tour operators offer holiday packages. The most frequent ones are escapades (3 days and 2 nights or 4 days and 3 nights) and long weekends. Prices vary according to the means of transport chosen and the time of booking; last minute offers remain the most attractive. In Rome, since the place is suitable, there are quite a few cultural trips, but the prices are higher

How to get around

It would be pointless and expensive to carry a car in the centre of Rome. All tourist attractions, even the most remote, are accessible by bus or metro. Offers are available for a few days or by the week. Outside Rome, the main attractions in the surrounding area are either accessible by train like Ostia or by bus like Tivoli.

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Discover Rome

"Roma caput mundi": Rome, capital of the world. One might find this quote pretentious and a bit outdated nowadays, but one thing is certain: Rome is a unique city. With its wonders, it has survived the centuries and deserves its nickname of the Eternal City. A true open-air museum, it is a condensed history with many faces. Some will see the Rome of Caesar, Pompey or Cicero, a city-empire that conquered the universe. Others will marvel at the Rome of the Christian Church, that of the papal basilicas and the Vatican. Finally, the aesthetes will elevate it to the capital of the arts, from the baroque Piazza Navona to the elegant Trevi Fountain. Here we would like to show you all these faces, without forgetting the modern Rome that is part of the 21st century.

Pictures and images Rome

Galerie des cartes géographiques. Stéphan SZEREMETA
Statue de Victor-Emmanuel II. canbedone
Bénédiction Urbi et Orbi sur la place Saint-Pierre. Author's Image
Statue devant la basilique Saint-Pierre. Lui, Tat Mun -

The 12 keywords Rome

1. #Calcio

What would Italy be without calcio ? Rome lives to the rhythm of the victories and defeats of its two rival football teams: A.S Roma and S.S Lazio. You might as well say that during the derbies, the atmosphere is electric! You should also know that Francesco Totti, former player of A.S Roma nicknamed "Il Capitano", is a real myth in Rome!

2. #Hills

Rome is nicknamed the "city of seven hills". To shine in society, here are their names: Palatine, Aventine, Caelius, Capitoline, Esquiline, Quirinal and Viminal! We also recommend climbing the Pincio and the Janiculum, two hills of modern Rome, from which the view is breathtaking. Don't forget to bring good shoes!

3. #Churches

25_Santa Maggiore © Phooey -

What could be more obvious than to visit a church in the capital of Catholicism? Rome has more than 250 of them. Among them, the four major basilicas: San Giovanni in Laterano, Santa Maria Maggiore, San Paolo Fuori le Mura and the unmissable Saint Peter's. A word of advice: visiting them requires appropriate clothing, so avoid shorts and tank tops!

4. #Gelato

Gelato is an institution. In summer and winter alike, Romans love this sweet treat. If some gelateries remain faithful to the classic chocolate/pistachio, others are more inventive with original flavours such as basil or violet. In any case, don't forget to add panna (whipped cream) to your ice cream!

5. #Grandebellezza

Rome and the cinema have a long history! Known for its Cinecittà studios, the Italian capital has also been the setting for legendary films such as Fellini's La Dolce vita or Vacanze Romane with the unforgettable Audrey Hepburn. Recently, Sorrentino's La Grande Bellezza revealed the "great beauty" of Rome to the world.

6. #Nasone

24_© piola666 - .jpg

In summer, the heat can be stifling, so the nasoni are appreciated! These fountains in the shape of a "big nose" - nasone - pour out fresh drinking water all the time. There are more than 250 of them in the centre. Tip: to drink the Roman way, plug their main hole to let the water flow out of another hole in the middle of the pipe!

7. #Pinsa

26_Pinsa © Максим Крысанов -

If pizza is known to everyone, pinsa is reserved for the Romans! This specialty has very ancient origins: according to some researchers, Virgil mentioned the pinsa in his Aeneid! Rectangular in shape, it is more digestible than pizza thanks to the use of a mixture of soya flour, rice and wheat and a longer fermentation time

8. #SPQR

These four letters are everywhere: SPQR or Senatus Populusque Romanus - the Senate and the Roman people. On manholes, historical monuments, even tattooed on the arms of the inhabitants, they remind us of the Republic and the Roman Empire or... the replica of Obelix which becomes: Sono Pazzi Questi Romani (They are crazy these Romans!)..

9. #Spuntino

Before lunch or dinner, Italians allow themselves a spuntino, a snack in French. In Rome, apart from the inevitable slice of pizza that is sold by weight, it is the supplì - a small ball of fried rice - that is the star of the spuntini ! The most classic ones are filled with mozzarella and tomato sauce and can be found in pizzerias by the slice.

10. #Roads

If Parisians orient themselves according to the nearest metro station, the Romans prefer to indicate the main streets! This vast road network is a legacy of the Roman Empire. So you will often hear about the Aurelia, the Appia, the Tuscolana, which are very busy every day. But don't worry, all roads lead to Rome!

11. #Vespa

27_© ankarb -

Wasp" in Italian. When you hear the noise of these characteristic scooters, you can understand why! In Rome, the public transport system sometimes leaves something to be desired, so the Vespa is one of the best ways to get around. Don't hesitate to rent one to experience your Roman holiday like Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck

12. #Villa

In Rome, the many villas are great places for walking. Among the most famous is the Villa Borghese, which has a gigantic park and museums such as the Borghese Gallery and the National Gallery of Modern Art, as well as the Villa Medici, the seat of the French Academy in Rome. Nearby, don't miss the Villa d'Este either.

You are from here, if...

For you, Francesco Totti is the best soccer player of all time. No, we're not arguing: Buenos Aires has Maradona and Rome, its capitano! Whether in gossips or on advertisements, he's everywhere. In fact, you probably shed a tear the night of his last game...

Pizza bianca is your favorite snack. Before lunch, as a snack or as an appetizer, pizza bianca is part of everyday life in Rome, and it's even better if it's filled with mortadella, in which case it's called pizza e mortazza.

You always arrive 15 minutes late. And by the way, it's not really late, so you don't tell! To make sure you're on time, there's only one thing to do: anticipate the appointment.

Summer rhymes with grattachecca. Summer in Rome is hot, even very hot. To cool off, there's nothing better than grattachecca, a mixture of ice cream and syrup that you can find on the beaches along the coast or in the city's kiosks

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