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Where to go in North America and the Caribbean?

What to do in North America and the Caribbean? Our favourite destinations

North America is a destination where you can see a selection of large landscapes with extremely rich fauna and flora.

Canada and the United States have many national parks where hiking takes place in often mountainous environments. There are also these vast lands of unique beauty, such as Monument Valley and its red rocky peaks. It is not always easy to choose where you want to go to enjoy the atmosphere of vibrant metropolises overflowing with culture. But a passage through the grandeur and excitement of New York before taking a trip to Montreal, a city where life is good and open-minded, seems almost self-evident.

Change of scenery and place to the sweetness and tropical atmosphere of the Caribbean. The perfect place to take a summer break at any time of the year. Martinique welcomes visitors who love hiking in lush forests before going to enjoy a cocktail on a hut by the sea. The Bahamas and its 700 islands and islets reveal lagoons, white sand and sea beds that make you want to stop time, simply to relax forever in this corner of paradise.

A Caribbean travel guide is also likely to lead anyone interested in this part of the world to Cuba, an island with a strong identity and where the Spanish language, music and colonial architecture form a delicious and exotic ensemble.

Other countries and tourist areas in North America and the Caribbean

Major cities in North America and the Caribbean

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