Quebec City has a special place in the Quebec landscape. Having managed to preserve the charms of Europe without renouncing the attractions of the new continent, the city has aroused everyone's affection and continues to evolve and redefine its identity in the eyes of the world, gradually establishing itself as an exceptional city in many respects. This conciliation between an important historical heritage and a future full of projects characterizes the city, which has many attractions. Museums, theatres, circus shows, there is no shortage of choices for the outings. The famous playwright Robert Lepage has even decided to make the city the showcase for his first theatre: Le Diamant will open its doors in 2019. For lovers of gastronomic discoveries, once again, Québec City will have everything to satisfy you. Many renowned chefs have decided to set up their penates there, while "bistro" or "meal on the go" formulas are competing for invention. One of the latest trends in Quebec City, as in Montreal, is the "healthy" restaurant with delicious poké bowls. In fact, the puzzle in Quebec City is how to make a choice! All the more so as the city is due to open the doors of its brand new Grand Marché in 2019. On the programme: a very wide selection of products from the region. And by the way, the region, let's talk about it! We have added to this new edition the superb Charlevoix region. Indeed, if discovering the city can easily keep you busy for several days, it would be a shame not to see the surrounding countryside. Are you staying downtown but would like to go for a day's walk in the Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier? It's quite possible! Just like a canoe trip or a visit to a vineyard on Île-d'Orléans. In winter, the ski slopes are at your doorstep; in summer, it's the hiking trails or the lakes. If between city and country your heart is in the right place, the discovery of Quebec City and its surroundings will reconcile the most undecided!

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THANK YOU. Thank you to all Quebecers for their warm welcome to visitors; to those who have made these miles of discovery so rich in experience and beauty; and to all the contributors who have contributed to this guide.

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The world of tourism is constantly changing. Despite our vigilance, establishments, contact details and prices may be subject to changes that are not our responsibility. We appeal to the readers' understanding and apologize to them for any errors they may notice in the practical sections of this guide.

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The Quebec Winter Carnival is the unmissable event for young and old alike who wish to enjoy the many activities offered in the heart of the city's snowy streets: sleigh races, canoe races, snow sculpture, ice fishing, night parades, sliding, shows, soccer games and skating. There is something for everyone and whether the weather is good or bad, the only watchword is to have fun, maximum fun. Around the emblematic character of the event, the ...

Cozic, À vous de jouer, belle rétrospective au Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec

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