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Where to go in Oceania?

What to do in Oceania? Our favourite destinations

To go to Oceania is to head towards a continent at the other end of the world.

We can start with a trip to Australia, to stroll around the major cities, which, like Sydney, are reminiscent of some of the cities in North America. What makes this immense country so beautiful is also its infinite landscapes, such as when you start a trip on the Great Ocean Road and stop along a wild coastline with millennia of rocks, preserved beaches, or the shores of tropical forests.

A travel guide to Oceania also recommends a trip to New Zealand, certainly the place that offers the greatest diversity of landscapes. We then set out to conquer its national parks, such as Fjorland. Active volcanoes, glaciers and sumptuous fjords are the landscapes that we see passing before our eyes.

To give yourself every chance to relax, a trip to the Solomon Islands seems to be the solution. This archipelago, with its lagoons, is a real paradise for divers. The waters are warm, clear and it is a whole world that we discover inside with an abundant fauna including turtles and superb multicoloured fish.

Other countries and tourist areas of Oceania

The main cities of Oceania

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