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Les plus beaux sites inscrits au patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO

UNESCO's World Heritage designates natural and cultural properties of outstanding universal value to humanity. It was in 1972 that UNESCO created a Convention for the protection of World Heritage, and in 1978 the first sites were included on the list. One example is the superb Galapagos archipelago. Since then, every year, several countries propose elements of their heritage, monuments or natural environments, in order to obtain this ...

Les 10 plus beaux lieux de tournage de Koh Lanta

Famous television show that always meets a great success, Koh Lanta has been hosting Friday nights for many people for several weeks a year since 2001! While the contestants must survive on an uninhabited island for about 40 days and participate in various events, as a team and then alone, in order to finish as the winner, the prowess and strategies put in place by the participants are not the only ones to challenge viewers. The program ...

Les 10 grandes destinations écotouristiques du moment

The subject may be fashionable, but ecotourism remains a committed and responsible travel choice that contributes to the protection of the environment and the well-being of local populations. Because of global warming and its heavy consequences on the planet, everyone has a role to play on a daily basis to take care of this nature that is so dear to us. This also applies to the field of travel, and there are countries in the world for whom ...