Just before you start the long descent to the bay, stop. You'll be amazed by the plunging view of the Gouffre valley where Baie-Saint-Paul is located, in the superb landscape of deep green wooded peaks. It is one of the oldest cities in Quebec, founded in 1678. It is also one of the most photographed places in the province. The beauty of the bay's scenery, the century-old houses, the many art galleries (International Symposium of Contemporary Art in Summer), the Museum of Contemporary Art and the craft shops are well worth your time. Baie-Saint-Paul must be surveyed on foot. In front of the bay lies Isle-aux-Coudres, which seems to close it off. From time immemorial, Baie-Saint-Paul has been a refuge for Quebec artists, particularly painters and sculptors. Marc-Aurèle Fortin, Clarence Gagnon, Jean-Paul Lemieux and René Richard, writer Gabrielle Roy, among others, have lived here to imbue their works with the charm of this irresistible region.

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