Hollywood, Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Beverly Hills... All these names make you dream and are united in the largest conurbation in the Western United States. So many small worlds that can be crossed by taking the same boulevard for several tens of kilometres, so extensive is Los Angeles. The demographic diversity of L.A. is one of its great assets, as evidenced by the existence of cities in the city, such as Koreatown, Little Armenia, Chinatown, Little Ethiopia and El Pueblo, to name a few. The Seventh Art and the presence of Hollywood production studios also maintain the legend. Hollywood cinema today is first and foremost a story of big money, special effects and a star system that cultivates an exacerbated concern for appearance. But this California city is far from being just a concentrate of glamour and glitter. Browse the pages of a tourist guide to Los Angeles to understand that art and culture are here on conquered ground and can be found in the great museums of Miracle Mile, in the wealthy galleries of Beverly Hills and in the more modest (but no less surprising) Hispanic neighborhoods in the east, as well as on the walls of Downtown. Los Angeles is also the cradle of surf rock, of which the Beach Boys were the ambassadors. Their light songs about the sea, surfing and blond hair have not aged a bit..

What to visit Los Angeles?

When to go to Los Angeles?

Like all major American cities, especially its neighbour San Francisco, Los Angeles is open all year round. On the Californian coast, temperatures remain pleasant, even in winter, and the city's activity does not weaken. However, depending on your wishes, it will be wise to choose your stay period. Here are some tips on when to go to Los Angeles.

The high tourist season is summer in Los Angeles. Southern California attracts many international travellers, who take their holidays in July-August. You will see many Europeans at this time of year. The Christmas holidays and the Thanksgiving Bridge are also very busy, with many Americans returning to their families. The period between March and May is also busy enough for spring break.

The low season begins in September/October and ends in March (excluding end-of-year holidays). You can try to negotiate prices for your hotels, especially outside Los Angeles. Visit the deserts in autumn or spring. Outside the summer months, national parks are subject to very low temperatures (snow is often still seen in the spring): check before you go!

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Los Angeles is a common destination for tour operators, who often include it in a tour of Southern California that includes one or more national parks, sometimes visiting a Hollywood studio and another coastal city. On an organized trip, you can rest during long journeys and enjoy negotiated hotel rates.

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Los Angeles may seem impressive to Europeans, as the city is so sprawling. It is almost exclusively by car - public transport is quite slow and distances are very long. With the exception of this specificity, it is a city with a welcoming population, very oriented towards tourism and that it will therefore be easy for you to approach - whether you speak English or not.

Renting a car is probably the ideal solution when two or more people are travelling together. This is the most flexible way to visit Los Angeles. Autonomous, the traveller can go off the beaten track and reach points not served by public transport as he wishes. Rental rates are generally lower than in Europe, toll roads are scarce and fuel is about four times cheaper than here

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Like all major American cities, especially its neighbour Read more about it

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How to travel by yourself?

Los Angeles may seem impressive to Europeans, as the city is so sprawling. It is almost exclusively by car - public t...
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How to get organized?

Los Angeles is a common destination for tour operators, who often include it in a tour of Southern California that in...
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Getting around

Renting a car is probably the ideal solution when two or more people are travelling together. This is the most flexib...
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