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Top 12 des plus beaux parcs nationaux à visiter aux États-Unis

While a trip to the United States often takes travelers to one of its iconic megacities, it should not be forgotten that the country is also home to breathtakingly beautiful natural areas. There are no fewer than 59 national parks, natural environments protected from human activity and offering great hiking terrain. The United States recently announced the reopening of its borders to vaccinated visitors at the beginning of November. So now ...

Les 10 plus beaux aéroports du monde

Airports welcome millions of visitors and can be found all over the world. Yet we don't always pay attention to their architecture, in our hurry to get on the plane and reach our destination. Airports are also places where you have to open your eyes, and some of them are real nuggets. Because yes, design, elegance and aesthetics are notions that are taken into account when designing a hub. And it's to make sure that every detail is taken ...

Top 10 des plus beaux endroits où voir un coucher de soleil

Who hasn't wanted to spend an evening, stop everything and let themselves be carried away by the rhythm of nature? That's what the sun offers, when at the end of the day, the sun slowly lowers to make way for the moon. Far from the daily hustle and bustle, to watch a sunset is to stop, contemplate the sun and watch nature sublimate itself. If the process is always the same, some sunsets hold many surprises and transport us into a world ...

10 capitales d'État à découvrir aux États-Unis

Visiting the United States is often like walking through its mythical cities, from New York to San Francisco, or its famous natural sites such as the Grand Canyon. United but nevertheless all different, each of the fifty States offers a very particular vision of this vast territory. Often overlooked or erased in favour of more charismatic cities, state capitals are a good overview of American culture. Did you know that New York was not the ...