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A postcard destination par excellence, ideal for honeymoon and dream holidays, Seychelles has in no way usurped its reputation. However, due to their isolation, its 115 islands have remained wild and authentic, far from mass tourism and large hotel complexes to find accommodation. 27 km long, the main island of Mahé and its capital Victoria are easily visited on foot or by bike, following the rhythm of the sun. Smiles are easy and the "kilkir kreol" is proudly defended: its songs, dances, cuisine and language. Here you can enjoy every sunset from the most beautiful beaches in the world, with a cocktail or a bottle of SeyBrew in your hand, the national beer. However, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the trip to visit several islands or to try scuba diving to admire the seabed in these turquoise waters. On board a ferry or by opting for an internal flight, we will reach Praslin and its famous sea coconut tree with fruit that we call here "cocofess", you will understand why. It can be found in the lush and tropical May Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The third most visited island, La Digue, is home to the famous paradisiac beach of Anse Source d'Argent, with its extraordinary rock formations that can be found in all the photos. Giant turtles also come to bask in the sun all year round, so they are envied! Islets such as Anse Lazio and Côte d'Or will offer immaculate white sandy beaches from which to put on their fins and snorkel to see rays and the reef. This tourist guide will try to help you make the difficult choice between the idyllic beaches to choose: Beau Vallon or Anse Royale sur Mahé? Gold Coast or Anse Lazio Cove on Praslin? Big Cove or Potato Cove on La Digue?

What to see, what to do Seychelles?

When to go Seychelles ?

Seychelles can be visited all year round, and for this reason the climate is invariably mild

The high tourist season generally corresponds to the holiday periods for Europeans, i.e. July-August, then Christmas, February and Easter. Prices may then rise, but there will rarely be too many of us in the same place in the Seychelles.

From November to April, the sea is ideal for diving and sailing. The climate is hot and humid, the wind is light and the sea calm.

It should be noted that there are major events on the Seychelles calendar: the Victoria International Carnival at the end of April, the Kreol Festival at the end of October and the Seychelles Ocean Festival in November or December.

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Covid-19 : current situation Seychelles

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, entry and travel restrictions may apply Seychelles. Remember to visit the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before you leave for the latest information
Practical information for travel Seychelles

Given the price of a plane ticket (from €750 to €1,300 in economy class) and the flight time, it is preferable to stay two weeks in the Seychelles and thus add a coral island to the three granite islands (Mahé, Praslin, La Digue), traditionally visited as part of a classic 10 to 12-day programme. We propose here several itineraries according to the time you have and your tastes. It is also possible to discover the country during cruises on beautiful sailing boats. A more original formula that also allows you to plan your stay à la carte and save on accommodation and car rental. Sunsets as a bonus! Finally, some thematic stays can be programmed: beaches, diving or nature? One thing is sure: you'll be amazed by the sublime Seychelles landscapes.

How to go Seychelles

How to go alone

It is not necessary to go through a tour operator to get to the Seychelles, you can find what you are looking for by booking the accommodation and activities of your choice before leaving or directly on site. Most hotels offer interesting offers on their websites. It is better to plan in advance for accommodation and activities because the capacity is not always large.

How to go on a tour

Most of the trips organized in the Seychelles are aimed at newlyweds wishing to spend an extraordinary honeymoon: cocooning suites, exotic buffets, shows, romantic getaways. One to three week tours are also organized around diving or sailing, generally combining visits to several islands.

How to get around

By plane. Air Seychelles offers about twenty flights a day between Mahé and Praslin. The company also charters aircraft for Bird, Frégate, Denis, Desroches or Alphonse. Baggage weight limited to 15 kg per person.

By boat. Three rotations per day are carried out between Praslin and Mahé, and about ten between Praslin and La Digue.

By bus. A bus service (Tata) operates efficiently every day on Mahé and Praslin, from about 5:30 am to 7 pm

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Pictures and images Seychelles

L'île de Frégate. iStockphoto/PaulCowan
Plage d'Anse Cocos. Gerard Larose - Office du tourisme des Seychelles
Plage de Denis. Gerard Larose - Office du tourisme des Seychelles
Rochers de granit. Itzak Newmann - Iconotec

The 12 keywords Seychelles

1. #Architecture

From the superb and vast wooden heritage house to the small and modest kaz kreol in corrugated iron, these houses of character are still a little present. A major element of Creole identity, they deserve to be the subject of a national restoration campaign. Before the irreparable outrage of the years..

2. #Cocofesse


The coco de mer is nicknamed cocofesse for its very suggestive appearance. The only sanctuary of this coconut is the famous May Valley in Praslin. On about twenty hectares, the only coconut grove of sea on the planet gathers male trees with a curious phallic appendage, and females which thus give birth to this sacred coconut.

3. #Couples


The vast majority of holidaymakers staying in the Seychelles are couples. From the plane, full of couples in love, you will feel the specificity of the destination. Some families also sometimes get lost on these paradisiacal islands. Very few travellers venture solo to the Seychelles.

4. #Gastronomy


Fish and rice are the two staple foods. Bourgeois, jobs, parrots, tuna and others are part of every meal, especially through curries, a national dish mixing pieces of meat, fish (or shellfish) with a spicy sauce. Tropical fruits are used for desserts that are often caloric and tasty.

5. #Patronymy

In this marvellous melting pot of origins, the French, the first colonizers, left their mark on the patronymic. From Simone Bibi to Florence Dodo and from Janet Venus to Josephine Cupid, via Maurice Brioche, Méricide Moustache, Marie Jupiter, Léon Désir, Marie Jolicœur and Wilson Rapide, what a charming patronymic bouquet.

6. #Fishing

To delight everyone, Seychelles waters are full of fish. The amateurs of deep-sea fishing have here an appointment with tuna, bonito, marlin and other swordfish. Fly fishing and longline fishing are also practiced. These activities are organized by the hotels or by excursionists.

7. #Price

The only downside! Seychelles remains complicated for small budgets, even if the important development of guesthouses makes overnight stays more accessible. But this high cost also contributes to limit the number of people entering the country, and therefore to its preservation.

8. #Séga

The "modern music" has certainly imposed itself in the Seychelles too, but sega remains the Seychellois dance par excellence. This dance with a lively rhythm leads couples into a lascivious face-to-face, very sensual and all the more suggestive as the partners do not touch each other.

9. #SeyBrew

An institution! SeyBrew is the national beer. Launched in 1972, this pleasant 4.9-degree lager is one of the "staples" even for the most modest families. Seychelles Breweries is one of the most successful companies in the country. A business that foams!

10. #Toponymy

What a delicious bouquet of names! Inherited from the French settlers, toponymy provides information on the specificity of a place, such as at Anse Cachée, Pointe Crocos or the Pig Pond. The names of the islands are also a delight: from Cousin to Petite Sœur, from île Cachée to île Ronde or île Plate, via île Souris.

11. #Treasures

Treasure islands! Gold diggers are still active in these legendary islands where some pirate treasures remain to be discovered. Whether real or dreamed of, these spoils continue to feed the imagination of the Seychellois. Is it by any chance that Polanski came here to shoot various scenes from his film Pirates?

12. #Sailing


The Seychelles by the sea! The idea is all the more appealing as hotels are expensive and the islands of the Mahé group lend themselves marvellously to a discovery with all sails deployed, with superb anchorages, little distance between islands and a delicious sea from October to May.

You are from here, if...

You spend your Sunday with your family on the beach. Soccer balls, picnics, pregnant and SeyBrew in a cooler are de rigueur!

You drive on the left. British heritage obliges!

You know how to take your time. Here, nonchalance makes life sweeter.

You live to the rhythm of the sun. In the Seychelles, you get up and go to bed early.

You eat fresh fish several times a week. It must be said that in the Seychelles, the ocean is very generous.

You climb on an old Tata bus to cross Mahé or Praslin. And of course you have the extra money to pay your ticket at 7 SR.

You spend your days saying bonzour, bonzwar to everyone. We are in one of the least populated countries in the world and in the archipelago, almost everyone knows each other.

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