Dazzling, fascinating, captivating, gripping, dazzling... Plan your stock of adjectives if you are planning to go into raptures on this exceptional site! How can you come to the Seychelles without passing through Source d'Argent, where the world's oldest granite seems to tumble down from the gentle hills into the ocean - as if chaos had suddenly frozen in, stopping huge blocks of stone, seemingly unstable and seemingly made of cardboard. You almost want to get behind one of them and push it. Here we are in a real fortress some six hundred and fifty million years old, in which tall coconut palms have taken root. As for the beach, with its very white sand, it gives even more intensity to the turquoise of the limpid water, invariably at 28°C. What a stunning natural setting! It's like he's been shaped by Hollywood, so perfect is he. Photogenic par excellence, this natural painting obviously constitutes a privileged background for a photo: a great guarantee when you have a foreground to put forward. Photographers of fashion or charm, they are numerous to have bamboozled sculptural creatures on this sand of all desires. The rocks and coconut palms of this string of beaches deserve to be able to tell their memories: how many hind legs, worthy of entering into posterity, have been wrapped up in this magical setting, where the majority of visitors flock between 11am and 4pm, a small straw hut-restaurant, called Lanbousir ("the mouth" in Creole) having been set up near the bicycle parking lot.

To enjoy Source d'Argent, it's best to get up early, many photographers prefer to work at daybreak, when the rocks turn pink, or when they turn a little red, when the sun is about to melt into the ocean. These are the best moments for those who want to enjoy alone this site of intense beauty, strong and soft, far from the crowds of hotter hours.

An exciting stroll through Union Estate Park is the best prelude to the clash of Sesel's greatest natural treasure, the unforgettable Anse Source d'Argent, which, in terms of decoration, deserves the Palme d'Or. Didn't the Los Angeles Times rate it as "the best beach in the world"... A consecration!

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