Here too, nature has done its thing! That's what we call neat work. One can only be ecstatic on this beach as soon as one enters the scenery, that is to say beyond the big filao at the foot of which you suddenly drop your bike, caught as you are by this dazzling spectacle of remarkable intensity. First you marvel at the perspective, then you begin to detail. We will be very surprised by this chaotic granite scree of Turcy Point, on the left, beyond this funny little rock with a shark's fin rising out of the sand. The latter, so white, is of a purity that delights all the more since one is alone to enjoy it. With shade becoming scarce, the spectators do not linger, the excursion groups being left there for only a quarter of an hour. Two, three pictures and then go... Swimming is dangerous here during the south-eastern monsoon, from April to October, and the rollers seem to be a good deterrent. Several tourists who braved them even paid with their lives. A 300-metre long bubble bath is enough, as the foam of the waves already offers a bathing experience that is as tumultuous as it is delicious. What a delight to be carried away by the ebb and flow of these waves coming from far away, far beyond Frégate, which can be seen on the horizon.

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