From the peaks of the sloping path that leads to it, it is first of all the look that plunges in panoramic version into this postcard bay... life-size. We have to stop! Photographers of fashion, charm and tourism have made Anse Lazio a sure value. A cinematic beach that Polanski also directed in Pirates. Bathing side, mention very bath! The sea is neither too calm nor too rough, with waves just right. For shade, there are big takamakas and rarer coconut trees. But these umbrellas are dearly contested on Sundays, when the Mahelois come to take a breath of fresh air on Sweet Praslin. We also compete for tables at the Bonbon Plume restaurant which, despite moving a few dozen metres away at the beginning of 2019, is still as successful as ever.

Very busy in the middle of the day, the beach is even busier on weekends, when the Prasliners are in the game... There are sometimes about thirty cars on the car park: for a beach in the Seychelles, we can speak of saturation. The place regains its solitude at the end of the afternoon, when the last sun is caressing this cove at the end of the world, where the number of boats at anchor can be counted on the fingers of one hand at least. A magical place that opens onto a soothing horizon, where another wonderful island, Arid, rises six miles away.

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