The Union Estate is home to the famous colonial house from the film Goodbye Emmanuelle. Now converted into a museum, it is an interesting visit. But here, you can also enjoy the scent of vanilla beans, which a few employees nonchalantly smooth out. This plant, introduced to the island in 1866, once contributed considerably to its prosperity. Nearby, a small copra factory allows you to witness some typical scenes. Working women in vacoa hats, perched on a pile of coconuts, shelled the coconuts. Their flesh, once dried in a calorifier, will be pressed in an antique oil mill whose grindstone is driven by an ox. Coconut oil and vanilla beans are sold by Jeannette at the entrance gate.

A little further on, at the foot of an enormous rock, which would be the largest in the archipelago, The Giant Rock, about fifteen giant turtles appear in their enclosure. Two feet are enough to wander around this Union domain, where many paths wind their way, one of which leads to the small shipyard offered by France. Its craftsmen carpenters have acquired a certain reputation for the quality of their work, especially for their fishing boats built from teak and takamaka trunks. We really enjoy walking around this Union Estate land, where we also raise pigs, ducks and chickens and grow vegetables and fruit, including passion fruit. One must also take a look at the old cemetery in ruins, most of the mossy tombs of which date back to the beginning of the 20th century.

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