Grand'Anse the well named. The largest bay of Praslin, perfect for running or strolling, is, unfortunately, not very suitable for swimming. To be able to swim at low tide, you have to go quite far from the beach, which, from June to October especially, is covered with a strip of seaweed that is not really photogenic. As for the shade, it is rare. In short, the panorama is good (for several kilometres!), but the bathing side is ten times better within a 10-minute drive, with the small road to Consolation offering numerous coves as deserted as they are heavenly. For the sublime beach of Côte d'Or, 20 minutes are enough (or double by bus), many hotels providing free shuttles to Côte d'Or or Lazio. When it comes to sunsets, however, you're on the right side of the tracks: sometimes a great panoramic view. 2 km away, you will find the beach of Anse Citron, also very pleasant.

For hiking enthusiasts, it is possible to reach Anse Possession by the mountain. 1 hour to get a taste of the interior... and get your shirt wet! From Grand'Anse, you must first leave the coast road at the church and go beyond the Britannia. The first stop is at the old cemetery, surrounded by mango and banana trees, where many of the tombs are sagging and more or less mossy. Once past this cemetery (the roosters, dogs and radios of the surrounding houses giving their voices), we have to climb up to the heights of the Dutch plain, where the road splits in two: on the right, we go towards Côte d'Or by the Salazie Track, on the left, towards Anse Possession by the Pasquiere Track, which follows the Pasquiere River and the telephone and electricity lines closely under the sun, in a very open landscape of plain where shrubs and vacoas grow. After about half an hour's walk, the ocean and a part of Curieuse appear, the road becoming paved again 10 minutes later, at the Pasquiere spring, whose water is bottled and sold in Praslin. The coast road is then very close, this path ends at the small bridge of Anse Possession, near which there is a bus stop. If you don't have a timetable in your pocket, you can still put one foot in front of the other, a half-hour walk is enough to reach the beach of Côte d'Or via La Réserve for a possible SeyBrew stop!

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