Here, in the south of the island, is the coconut beach par excellence, also appreciated in September and October by the sea turtles that come to lay their eggs, and from where dolphins can sometimes be seen in November and December. Perfectly curved over some 800 m and fringed by numerous coconut trees which offer their shade, the most beautiful beach of Mahé is also one of the most sublime of the Seychelles and, therefore, of the planet Earth. If you want to enjoy this dreamy cove as a selfish person, it is best to arrive when others are leaving, around 5pm, when the sun is waning. Caressed by the orange light, seen from one of its extremities, Intendance is even more magical. But be careful! Beware of falling coconuts (it happens!) and, above all, of the particularly strong waves which make swimming dangerous from May to October. It is better to enjoy the foam of the impressive rollers, which have been fatal to several careless swimmers. Of virginal beauty, this beach had the honour of being trodden in 1998 by some of the most beautiful girls in the world, candidates for the title of Miss World. The establishment of a large hotel, the Banyan Tree, has not in any way distorted this exceptional site, this 5 star hotel of neo-colonial style having integrated wonderfully into the surrounding nature, set back from the beach. Although the beach has become a little more crowded, it remains as pure and spectacular as ever. Intendance is still THE showcase beach not to be missed in Mahé.

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