La Passe, where many of the Diguois live, is the heart of the island. A nonchalant atmosphere emanates from this central street, which is the main stream of life, with its many shops and bicycle rental companies, and its official buildings, from the post office to the police station and from the hospital to the court, not forgetting the banks and tour agencies. The only large building, the community centre, was built back from the road, along which the old Creole houses are no longer numerous. During the week, schoolchildren in uniform liven up the main road and, on Sundays, the exit of the mass is still an attraction worthy of interest for the traveller, so much so that on this day one still dresses in fancy dress!

Hiking from La Passe to Nid d'Aigle. An eagle's nest that must be earned! To set off on the assault of the high mountain of Diguoise (whose highest point reaches 333 m), you must first get into shape over some 4 km, which are easy, since they are flat and on the whole shaded. We go along the Veuve reserve, before starting, a little beyond the intersection for Grand'Anse, the dreaded ascent to Bellevue the aptly named. It's hard to do anything steeper! Under the sun, you have to sweat for a good half hour to get to Bellevue, where the road turns into a dirt road. Then, it will take a good hour to conquer the Nid d'Aigle, but from up there, what a reward! A grandiose panorama, offered by the strength of the calf, is promised to us.

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