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Ibiza symbolizes holidays and celebrations in Spain but also all over the world. Everything seems to be gathered on the same site to decompress: the beaches, the sun, the dance floors. You can go from the sand to the disco, from sunbathing days to wild nights. On the program, crazy parties orchestrated by the best DJs of the moment. Cicadas and electronic music rival each other in decibel over the hours. Even culture is invited to the festival because Ibiza is listed as a World Heritage Site for the Phoenician site of Sa Caleta, the necropolis of Puig des Molins or the historic centre of Eivissa, Dalt Vila. You also have typical restaurants to discover, charming houses and picturesque villages to visit. So let's get out of the clichés. Ibiza is a place of celebration, idleness and overcrowded beaches, but also a hinterland and less tourist seasons that offer other attractions. Thus in the heart of the island, the village of Santa Gertrudis, a beautiful white village around its church, with some nice tapas bars and some quiet shops. And all around the sheep and goats that graze. The village houses art galleries where you will find the works of a handful of artists who have packed their bags here to enjoy the island's pleasures all year round.

What to see, what to do Ibiza?

When to go Ibiza ?

In Ibiza, as in the other Balearic Islands, the high tourist season covers July and August. It is very hot - on average 30°C - and very dry. The sun shines every day. It's crowded. Tourist activities are at their peak. The mid-season covers the months of April, May, June, September and October. Temperatures are milder and the sun is still shining every day. It is the best time to enjoy the island without the crowd. The low season is in winter with an average of 15°C and rare rainy days. Few open hotels, few tourist activities, but the opportunity for a rejuvenating stay. If you come to celebrate, in low season, you will have the opportunity to participate in the famous opening and opening party, less touristic than the summer evenings.

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Covid-19 : current situation Ibiza

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, entry and travel restrictions may apply Ibiza. Remember to visit the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before you leave for the latest information
Practical information for travel Ibiza

Vous avez peut-être déjà votre petite idée quant au programme de vos vacances à Ibiza. Laissez-nous malgré tout vous présenter quelques suggestions d'itinéraires. Vous pourrez y piocher quelques idées et/ou accommoder certaines de ces propositions à vos goûts et vos envies. La première idée de séjour s'adresse aux néophytes qui découvrent pour la première fois Ibiza le temps d'un week-end. C'est en quelques sortes le "best-of express". La seconde suggestion de route s'étire sur cinq jours et vous permettra de vous faire une idée plus ample de ce qu'est Ibiza : visite du patrimoine historique des villes principales, après-midis tranquilles à la plage, découvertes gastronomiques, randonnées et fiesta. Le troisième circuit de dix jours combine les recoins les plus secrets de l'île et les visites absolument immanquables. Autant d'idées de séjour à adapter à votre sauce, selon l'humeur et selon la météo !

How to go Ibiza

How to go alone

In high season a trip to Ibiza cannot be improvised. You will have difficulty finding accommodation on site unless you are away from the seaside resorts! Air-only flights (Ibiza is connected to several French cities) are also under attack. Otherwise, there are no contraindications to organize your individual stay in Ibiza. You can rent a car, go looking for remote accommodation or a small lost restaurant and get away from the most popular tourist sites.

How to go on a tour

Ibiza being one of the most touristic destinations in Europe, there is no difficulty in finding organized trips. It is generally a turnkey stay, accommodation and full or semi-full board. The formula is well established and to adopt if you do not fear the community and want to take advantage of some promotions (but prices must be compared because some really inflate prices in summer). The hotel services are of high quality.

How to get around

45 km long, 25 km wide, the island is quickly traversed by two main roads that are fairly mobile - except during traffic jams - and narrower, hilly secondary roads that open onto more wild landscapes. Rent a car if you want to enjoy its villages, small restaurants, panoramas and especially to isolate yourself. Attention the parking in the tourist areas sometimes poses problem (expensive and complete!). The island is served by the bus.

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Discover Ibiza

What an inconvenient task to summarise all the mysterious beauty, the diversity of landscapes and historical influences that have made and still make Ibiza! Blonde coves of fine or rocky sand, small picturesque fishing ports, gentle Mediterranean sun, agricultural and bucolic hinterland, dynamic cities with a multiple historical heritage, subtle marine gastronomy, fiesta until the end of the night... The magnetism of the White Island is not new: it has fascinated many civilizations and continues to exert its indescribable power of attraction even today. Let's dig a little deeper and try to draw as accurate a portrait as possible of this unique piece of land, at once rural and modern, Catalan and cosmopolitan. The files presented here dare to make a big difference, giving an idea of the island's DNA and focusing on the history of clubbing in Ibiza

Pictures and images Ibiza

Portitxol. Julien HARDY - Author's Image
Plage de Cala de Sant Vicent. LUNAMARINA - iStockphoto
Cala d'Hort. pkazmierczak
Cala Xarraca. Author's Image

The 12 keywords Ibiza

1. Ad-Lib

This fashion was born in the 1970s in Ibiza, promoted by the late Smilja Mihailovitch. A contraction of the Latin expression ad libitum ("take the side you like"), Ad-Lib fashion, a harmonious blend of elegance and sophistication, concentrates casualness and freshness, evoking the brightness and youthfulness of Ibiza.

2. Balearic Beat

Born in the 1980s in nightclubs and other wild parties on the beaches of Ibiza, Balearic Beat, also known as Balearic Dance, is a style of electronic music supposedly discovered by English DJs. This dance with thick hypnotic layers was popularised in the island's clubs in the 1990s

3. Chiringuito

They used to be bars where fishermen came to refresh themselves before or after their service... And the evenings were rather drunk! Nowadays, a chiringuito is a beach bar serving food, drinks and cocktails in the evening with a festive or chill-out musical background. Ibiza has many chiringuitos, from the rustic to the trendy.

4. DJ


Ibiza's clubs make it their biggest advertisement: who will have the best DJ... of the night. For years, the Ibiza DJ Awards have been recognising the best DJ of the year. But in addition to the nightclubs, most of the trendy bars and huts on the most popular beaches have their own resident DJs and their own discographies.

5. Hippies


The hippies arrived on the archipelago in the middle of the 20th century and left their mark. One of the weekly attractions on the island of Ibiza is the hippie markets, including Es Canar and Las Dalias, where you can find handicrafts, but also imports from Asia and India. Formentera also has several markets.

6. Hierbas

The Hierbas Ibicencas are a typical Ibizan alcoholic concoction made from a multitude of macerated herbs. Produced by hand for a very long time, it is consumed as a digestif in the four corners of the island. In addition to gastronomy, Hierbas are also used in the manufacture of cosmetics

7. Legends


The history of Ibiza is full of accounts of strange cults, witch flights and UFO sightings. Everyone has their own version and adds their own personal touch! This is notably the case of the cult dedicated to the goddess Tanit. The island having been occupied by many civilizations, we find in the folklore of the island a great cultural mix

8. Pacha

The Pacha story began in 1967 on the beaches of Sitges, south of Barcelona, when Ricardo Urgell opened his first club. Soon five new nightclubs were added to the Catalan coast before the famous Pacha in Ibiza was born in 1973! Today, Pacha has become a franchise with a worldwide reputation

9. Pityuses

The Pityuse islands include Ibiza and Formentera, as well as several small islets such as Espalmador and Espardell. The name Pityuse probably comes from pitys, which means pine in ancient Greek. In ancient times, the Pityuses were clearly differentiated from the rest of the Balearic Islands. Mallorca and Menorca formed the Gymesias.

10. Podenco

The podenco is a dog with the appearance of a small greyhound, probably imported by the Phoenicians. Athletic and affectionate, it has become one of the symbols of Ibiza over time. The breed is said to be primitive and unknown to the general public. Its stock is tending to decrease and is mainly found on the Mediterranean coast, from Valencia to Provence

11. Posidonia

These aquatic plants, which create a rich ecosystem, are partly responsible for the transparency of the water. Almost 100 million years old, it covers a large part of the Mediterranean seabed, but it is in the area covered by the Ses Salines Natural Park (classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999) that the most extensive meadows grow

12. Its saltworks


Ibiza's salt, renowned for its purity, comes from this natural reserve stretching from Ibiza to Fomentera. Classified as a World Heritage Site in 1999 by UNESCO for its exceptional beauty, the salt flats are also a special protection area for birds, serving as a migration stage for herons and flamingos in particular.

You are from here, if...

You speak Catalan, or at least Spanish. If you know two words of Spanish, don't hesitate to use them! In Ibiza, the population is used to tourists and will appreciate anyone who makes the effort to speak Spanish, even if only a little

You will not address (almost) anyone as "vous"! Spaniards generally hate the use of "vouvoie" and banish from their vocabulary the word " usted " (the polite "you"). However, it is appropriate to be polite to older people and employees.

You respect others as you respect yourself. This is a particularity of the islands: in the towns and villages of Ibiza, everyone walks around calmly without being judged on their appearance, their religion or their customs.

You respect the environment by not leaving plastic or cigarette butts lying around. Nature is sacred in the Balearics.

You don't hesitate to add an ice cube to your coffee with milk. This is the famous "tallat amb gel".

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