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In the far west of Europe, against the winds and rain, facing the ocean, stands Ireland: a land of pride and passion. Despite the hostility of the climate and the elements, Ireland remains a unique region that attracts a little more visitors each year. At the origin of this success was the warmth of the Irish people. An island like a concentrate of landscapes. Nature insolent and wild, nothing seems to have given way under the hand of Man. Punctuated by green meadows running down into the sea, hostile moors, enchanting forests, ghostly lakes, the island environment is unquestionably free; a term that also perfectly describes the Irish people who have worked for centuries to build their freedom. Irish history, more than anywhere else, is sealed in stone and the mirages of the past, as if emerging from the mist, recall a painful history: the ghettos of Belfast, the docks of Dublin, the hell of Connemara... Streams of Guinness, ancestral Celtic songs, red hair, a wild game of hurling or rugby... the islanders do everything they can to make people discover and appreciate this magnificent land they cherish so much. In their songs and legends, they tell the history of the country with so many feelings that they contaminate the attentive walker in record time. The recalcitrant spirit may resist, but he will throw down his weapons by pushing the door of a pub! Warmth and hospitality are the key words of this exhilarating island, on the borders of Europe.

What to see, what to do Ireland?

When to go Ireland ?

Ireland is best visited between May and September, but it is also the high season that drives up prices. In addition, Ireland is ideal for off-season stays. And with a multitude of really cheap direct flights from all French regions, it is very easy to get there, even for a weekend. Weekends in Ireland, however, require a small organization as accommodation is often overcrowded and it is better to book. Finally, if there is one date not to be missed if you want to experience Irish fervour, it is obviously Saint Patrick's Day (March 17), the feast of the patron saint of Ireland: beer flows freely, and everyone is dressed in green

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Covid-19 : current situation Ireland

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, entry and travel restrictions may apply Ireland. Remember to visit the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before you leave for the latest information

How to go Ireland

How to go alone

Ireland is a very safe destination. Visiting it alone is therefore no problem. Especially since it is easily accessible by plane (many airlines serve Ireland), and can also be connected by ferry. As Irish parties are often watered, it is simply necessary to be vigilant for alcohol-related drifts

How to go on a tour

The offer is diverse and varied to discover Ireland on an organised trip, alone or in combination with Scotland, England and/or Wales. Discovery of the Irish countryside and meadows, city escapades in Dublin or Belfast, journey in Connemara: the possibilities are numerous. The destination lends itself to several types of stay. Considering the variety of offers, the prices are adapted to small budgets, but also to those who are looking for a charming stay.

How to get around

You will find a plethora of domestic flights, if the bus or train do not seem like options to you. If the rail network is not very dense, the bus is an excellent means of transport on site and many connections exist. Finally, the boat makes it possible to connect the major ports between them, and the main island to the other islands. To travel independently, visiting Ireland by car is also a very good option.

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Appréciez votre bière au son de la musique celtique. Lawrence BANAHAN - Author's Image
Cork. Tamsindove - iStockphoto
Château d'Ashford Alamer - Iconotec
The Custom House, imaginé par James Gandon. Lawrence BANAHAN - Author's Image

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