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Une petite faim ? Trouvez un restaurant à Londres


Ne vous rendez pas à Londres (Royaume-Uni), sans s'arrêter dans ses restaurants, pourquoi pas un restaurant ? On peut éprouver des difficultés à faire un choix, en particulier quand on visite cette ville pour la première fois. Pour ne pas se faire surprendre défavorablement, il est préférable d'être informé au moment de se procurer un restaurant. Pour être bien accompagné, le Petit Futé est le site qu'il vous fallait, de quoi vous procurer un restaurant rassemblant tous vos critères. Quoi de plus satisfaisant que de déguster un bon petit plat, lors d'un séjour à Londres ? Le décor étant un élément de comparaison important, nous abordons bien sûr ce point dans nos fiches restaurants. Nos commentaires vous seront très utiles pour être bien conscient de la qualité d'un établissement, prenez quelques minutes pour les lires. Gagnez du temps à la réservation : cliquez sur le bouton 'Réserver', qui est situé sur la majorité des fiches. Votre repas au sein de ce restaurant vous a-t-il satisfait ? N'hésitez pas à nous le dire en rédigeant un avis à l'issue de votre visite. Si vous avez l'opportunité de visiter Londres (Région De Londres Angleterre) vous y trouverez de nombreux points d'intérêt expliquant la recrudescence d'établissements. Vous aurez à disposition les renseignements pratiques pour chaque restaurant : site internet, réseaux sociaux ou horaires d'ouverture sont systématiquement renseignés. Menus, plats proposés, prix, vous aurez en votre possession toutes les informations nécessaires pour que vous soyez pleinement satisfait. Les amateurs de gastronomie ne seront pas en reste à Londres, qui propose au total 2 crêperies, 380 restaurants et 12 restaurants italiens, permettant à chaque gastronome de se régaler.

Restaurants London : 393 Results

Practical information : Eating out London


It is well known, the English eat earlier and restaurants are often crowded as early as 6:30 p.m., just after the job is done. To guarantee you a table, come instead around 8:30 pm. And to really eat at English time: think about booking. Restaurants are generally open daily, often close earlier on Sundays and are very often full on Sunday noon for sunday roast.

Budget & TipsBudget & Tips

London offers a wide range of budgets in terms of dining. Many chains are located in the city and offer reasonably priced food. Pubs are also a good option for cheap British food. From Ready to Eat to Michelin-starred restaurants, London has a wide range of cuisines at all prices. Credit cards are accepted in almost all restaurants, and even for a pint in the pub. If the portions are a bit too large for you, don't hesitate to ask for a doggy bag, a practice that is much more widespread in England. This is a much more common practice in England, where you take the leftovers from your meal or the end of your bottle of wine with you

What costs extraWhat costs extra

In London restaurants, the tip is now added to the note at the time of the addition. The price of the dishes must therefore be systematically calculated between 10 and 15% higher. The amount of this tax is generally indicated on the card. This tip goes directly to the waiters. You can always refuse to pay it in the case of very poor service, but you will have to justify your action. And the real English never do.

The local wayThe local way

In London, you always book your table, no matter what day of the week it is. So we advise you to get started, especially if you are a large group, to avoid disappointment when you get there. On Saturday evenings in particular, the restaurants are booked well in advance. Sunday lunch is spent at the restaurant where you can enjoy a traditional sunday roast. If you only want to drink water, specify that you want "tap water", that is to say water from the tap, that will avoid you to pay a bottle of mineral water often expensive. Finally, you will rarely be asked for your desired cooking for the meat in English restaurants and the result will often be well cooked. Feel free to ask for it yourself if you are more of amedium rare or blue meat type

Many restaurants use the "BYOB" system, which means that you can bring your own wine or beer from the supermarket across the street. A smart way to reduce the cost of the meal. Lists of BYO restaurants are available on the net.

To be avoidedTo be avoided

London restaurants all have a hygiene rating, ranging from 1 to 5, which is displayed on the doors or windows. It is a small green sticker. Strongly avoid all restaurants with a rating below 4, especially in markets


In restaurants, children are welcome. However, in the evening, pubs are forbidden to under 18s. Unless otherwise indicated.


As in France: no smoking in public places. And anyway, the English smoke much less than the French.

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