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The Cyclades islands take their name from the fact that they surround the island of Delos forming a circle. Delos had a special status, because it saw the birth of the famous god Apollo according to Greek mythology. The most famous of the six Greek archipelagos and the one that is found on all postcards, the Cyclades are visited again and again without ever coming to an end. But before leaving for this destination in Greece, you will have to choose: do you want to travel by plane, by ferry or by sailboat? Do you want to have fun and party or discover the vestiges of European history? Mainland or volcanic island? Do you want golden sandy beaches or volcanic rocks? All options are possible, but it is impossible to visit everything at once. This Cyclades travel guide will help you find the islands that suit you best, between Milos, Naxos and the Small Eastern Cyclades for the most beautiful beaches, Mykonos for the nightlife and the pelicans, Paros for its nautical activities, Delos " the museum island" which was inhabited one thousand years before Christ, Hydra the pedestrian or Sifnos and Tinos more natural. Despite the progress of tourism, Santorini remains the star of the Cyclades: from the climb of the stairs on donkey back to the mills on top of the cliffs, everything is magical on this white and blue island. All these islands have in common, for our greatest pleasure, an outstanding gastronomy. You will discover the true flavor of the dishes and mezzes that you thought you knew: moussaka, souvlaki, gyros pitas, tzatziki, tarama or eggplant caviar, accompanied by a glass of ouzo or samos, the Greek wine. The meal can be accompanied or ended with a drink, watching the locals play tavli, known in Greece as backgammon. Practice now if you hope to win a game. Before experiencing life in the small villages of Kostos or Syros, as mentioned above, you will have to choose, because the Cyclades islands are composed of about 250 islands, 24 of which are inhabited. Mythology lovers will choose Delos for all the mysteries that surround this island. While travelers looking for more peace and quiet will go to the small Cyclades. Those who are fond of archaeological discoveries will be the best served as the Cycladic islands turn out to be open-air museums. There are traces of life on the archipelago dating back to the Bronze Age! No matter which island you choose, you will come across beautiful whitewashed houses, charming little harbors overlooking the great blue of the Aegean Sea. There are so many islands in the archipelago that it will be easier to find places to relax and enjoy the idleness. The island of Mykonos, for its part, will satisfy the lovers of an ultra festive atmosphere (remember to avoid the heart of the high season).

What to see, what to do Cyclades?

When to go Cyclades ?

The tourist season lasts from the beginning of May, when the weather starts to become mild, until mid-October - or even the end of October - when the rain starts to fall. The months of July and August are considered, as elsewhere, as the high (or very high, in August) season.

The off-season. The advantage of choosing the islands of the Cyclades is that you can avoid mass tourism. It is important to know that the climate of the islands allows you to discover them in much calmer and more serene periods, that is to say in May, June and September. Notice to the amateurs.

The off season. The islands are often empty in winter, which gives them a certain charm. However, most of the tourist establishments close their doors during this period.

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Covid-19 : current situation Cyclades

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, entry and travel restrictions may apply Cyclades. Remember to visit the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before you leave for the latest information

How to go Cyclades

How to go alone

It is very easy to organize your own stay on the islands by booking accommodation and boats independently according to your wishes. It should be noted that it will be necessary to do this sufficiently in advance in high season to avoid unpleasant surprises. Finally, the Cyclades are a safe destination and its inhabitants are very welcoming.

How to go on a tour

The Cyclades have always fascinated French holidaymakers. Thus, many tour operators offer one-week to one-month tours combining several islands by ferry, plane or sailboat. It takes at least 15 days to visit up to 4 islands. The destination can easily be combined with a visit to another archipelago or Athens. You should also know that many cruise ships pass through the islands in Greece.

How to get around

By plane. Quite expensive, most of the trips are to and from Athens, but some airlines also offer inter-island flights.

By ferry. A few major ferry companies can be found all over the country. The schedules are more or less respected and, often, you can also board your car.

In the car. The car is one of the most efficient means of transport to discover the islands.

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Île de Mykonos au coucher de soleil. Tom Pepeira - Iconotec
Panaghia Chrysopigi sur l'île de Sifnos. saiko3p
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Naxos. Zoipapadimitriou - iStockphoto

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