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Thailand, a country in Southeast Asia once called Siam, offers a multitude of magical places and everyone can find something to suit them, just leaf through our Thailand guide to see it. Beach lovers will be delighted thanks to the many seaside resorts such as Phuket or enchanting places such as Ko Samui, Similan, Phi Phi Leh or Taratuo. Mountain lovers will not be left out thanks to superb natural sites such as Doi Mae Salong in the north of Chiang Rai or Doi Pha Tang, which offer magnificent landscapes suitable for walks. Thailand also has more than 40,000 temples spread all over the country, and some of them are really beautiful, such as in Ayutthaya, Sukhotai, Chiang Mai or even Bangkok. A trip to Thailand is also about floating markets, tasty cuisine, very good quality hotels for all budgets, tuk-tuk trips, the perfect vehicle to travel through crowded city centres like Bangkok. Through your Thailand guide, you will discover activities adapted to the needs of each of us. The most festive of you can try, on full moon nights, the Full moon party which takes place on the island of Koh Phangan: a celebration for all lovers of nightlife in Thailand. Adventure seekers will enjoy exploring paradise islands on excursions, which sometimes end with a visit to the seabed like Ko Phi Phi for example.

What to see, what to do Thailand?

When to go Thailand ?

From October to February, it is the dry and cool season in Thailand and the best time to travel to Thailand; the weather is sunny and temperatures fluctuate around 25°C in the South. But in the North it is much colder at this time of year with temperatures that are often negative. In March, a very hot inter-season (about 35°C) begins, which lasts until the end of May with alternating tropical rains. From June onwards, it is the rainy season and the further south you go, the more it rains; it lasts until October, September being to be avoided (heavy rainfall). If you go to Thailand in April, don't miss the Water Festival, or Songkran, which celebrates the Buddhist New Year, everyone drinks themselves in the streets, laughs guaranteed!

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Covid-19 : current situation Thailand

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, entry and travel restrictions may apply Thailand. Remember to visit the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before you leave for the latest information
Practical information for travel Thailand

Thailand is vast and has much to offer. From the misty mountains of the Golden Triangle in the north, to the paradise islands of the Andaman Sea, to the historic sites of the ancient royal cities of Ayutthaya, Sukhothai and Chiang Mai, the travel possibilities are dizzying. It would be a heresy to want to travel around the country in two weeks, and you will have to target the desired places according to the air or rail connections so as not to lose too much time in transport. Two weeks is the minimum to enjoy your trip. If the duration of your stay is shorter, it is better to restrict travel to take full advantage of the places. For a longer stay, you can combine the proposed tours.

How to go Thailand

How to go alone

You will usually travel to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Domestic and international flights are concentrated in Suvarnabhumi, located 35 km east of the city centre. No particular security risks for people travelling alone, the country is generally safe but care must be taken with personal belongings in tourist areas as theft can occur. Finally, don't have fun using drugs on the spot, it's a guaranteed prison for a minimum of 10 years.

How to go on a tour

Thailand has long been a mass tourism destination and is under attack by many tour operators, but not all offers are equal. Take the time to choose the right tour according to your travel desires and do not hesitate to compare the services offered. Beware of low prices, they do not always include transfers, drinks and meals. Even if Thailand is a cheap destination, it can represent a significant amount of money on a long circuit.

How to get around

Domestic flights are convenient and quite cheap. Ferries also shuttle between the islands and the mainland. In Thailand, the buses that connect cities offer a varied level of comfort and there is something for everyone. As for the rail network, it is rather good in Thailand but the not really modern cars are not very comfortable

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Pictures and images Thailand

Plage de Phan Sea. Schmid Reinhard
Plage de Koh Talu. Dmitry V. Petrenko -
Sanctuaire à Chiang Rai. Author's Image
Géant mythologique devant le Grand Palais. Cali - Iconotec

The 12 keywords Thailand

1. #Good morning

Naturally, the first word to say when you get somewhere is: Sawat'dii Khap (from a man) or Sawat'dii Khaa (from a woman). It will always make a better impression than "Hello". You will soon accompany it with another word of essential importance: thank you: Kop' Koun Khap (man) or Kop' Koun Khaa (woman).

2. #Bonzes

02 Moine bouddhiste © Mongkolchon Akesin -

This word refers to the community of Buddhist monks in Asia, but their social importance is preponderant in Thailand. All men, whether children or adults, may make a religious retreat for a variable period of their lives before returning to civil society. This religious order is deeply respected by the population.

3. Spirits

They are very present in Thailand. They live in small houses called "spirit houses". You'll see them attached to building facades, perched on columns. They look like small temples and are accessible so that the tenant, Phra Phum, is honored with flowers, incense, food and candles daily.

4. Farang

This word refers to Westerners. Adopted by all, including foreigners themselves, it is not pejorative. This would come from the appellation Farang-tset which was given to the French who arrived in Siam in the century of Louis XIV. It would then have been attributed to all foreigners with white skin and a long nose. Pronounce the "R" as an "L".

5. Gastronomy

05 Brochettes street food Thaïlande © lechatnoir -

Thai cuisine is world famous and not without reason. Although it is often very spicy, it is often suitable for western palates in tourist restaurants. Much more affordable than in France, it is common to eat well for a few euros. It's an explosion of flavours and colours!

6. Ladyboy

This is the name given to Thai transsexuals and transvestites, who are numerous in the country and often difficult to distinguish from real women. Their integration is linked to Thai Buddhism, which teaches respect for differences and tolerance of the other, as well as to the fact that the country, never colonized, did not suffer from Judeo-Christian morality.

7. Markets

07 Marché de nuit de Chiang Mai © Aireo -

Each city in Thailand often has several daily markets, which are places of exchange and meeting that it is very pleasant to frequent. The visitor is often captivated by the variety of products and the bright colours of the stalls. The night markets offer many food stalls where you can eat at low prices.

8. #Mai pen rai!

Literally, in the mouth of a Thai: "it's not serious", "nothing to worry about", "it will get better"... In short: let it go and trust, whatever the difficulties. It's very "folkloric" and it can make you smile when you are not involved in any unfortunate affair, as in the case of driving..

9. #Diving

09 Koh Tao © Wanwalee Wongsawan -

The south of the country offers spectacular diving sites. The Mecca of diving is in Koh Tao. Numerous renowned clubs offer baptisms and training sessions with optimal safety conditions, and in French! Koh Tao, but also Koh Phangan, Koh Phi Phi and the Similan Islands are among the most beautiful spots in the country.

10. #Sai sin

If you are invited to a wedding, a young monk's ordination ceremony, or simply to a birthday party, especially in the Isaan region, chances are you will be given a small white cotton bracelet, a sai sin, blessed by a monk. It will be attached to your right wrist and a blessing will complete this gift

11. #Tattoo

A true institution in Thailand, you will meet some of the best tattoo artists in the world. Two techniques, the modern electric machine technique and the traditional bamboo technique, a sacred tattoo that can be blessed in a temple. A bill to prohibit Westerners from getting a tattoo of a Buddha image is under consideration.

12. #Tuk-tuk

It's pronounced touk-touk. A small three-wheeled motorized vehicle used as a taxi all over Thailand. Its customary name comes from the characteristic sound of the exhaust. These vehicles sneak into traffic (with maximum risk) to try to get where you haven't always asked to go as quickly as possible!

You are from here, if...

If you do the wai to greet, thank or show respect to another person, most often a monk, elder or official. This mark of respect will be greatly appreciated

If you offer alms to monks in the street in the early morning. The practice of Buddhism gives rhythm to the daily life of Thailand.

If you also participate in the food offerings in a temple, or in a "house of the spirits" placed in front of a residence, your hosts will be delighted!

If you take off your shoes before entering a temple or a house. Don't worry, we rarely ask you to put on skates!

If you go at least once a day to the local 7 Eleven, for a drink, a snack, an ice cream or... just to enjoy the air conditioning.

If you toast before every sip of beer or liquor at a meal or with your party mates. Chok Dee!

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