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15 capitales à visiter dans le monde

For some countries, the capital is of major importance in terms of tourism (Paris, London...), for others however, it is just an airport that you leave as soon as you arrive! Of course, to discover a country and its traditions, you should not be satisfied with just visiting its capital. However, as the seat of major political authorities, but also of an intense cultural life, it is often worth the detour and its visit can prove to be... ...

Les incontournables de Bangkok

Bangkok navigates between tradition and modernity. The City of Angels (Krung Thep in the Thai language) is torn on either side of Chao Praya, the river that crosses a bank of ancestral legacies and a city where the high tech seems to regain its rights. It is not unusual, during a walk in small, picturesque and silent silks located outside the time, where the traces of the ancient Siam are still found, to be won by the deafening noise of the ...

Les 10 plus beau palais et châteaux du monde

Over the centuries, noble and great monarchs have built splendid and often exaggerated homes, to the image of their power… Worthy of the best fairy tales, these residences are now dreaming small and large by their delirious architecture, sumptuous ornaments and their history. To get your eyes right, Petit Smart offers you its selection of the world's finest castles and palaces. What is the people asking for?N°10 - Bran Castle and the Soul ...