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Accommodation Thailand : 2348 Results

Practical information : Accomodation Thailand

Budget & TipsBudget & Tips

The Thai hotel clientele can be divided into several categories: on the one hand, foreign tourists - bearing in mind that Westerners and Asians do not have the same needs - and on the other hand, locals who travel to their country for business or for vacation, just like Europeans. All these travelers obviously do not have the same budget and are not looking for the same type of accommodation. The Asian clientele represents about 60% of foreign tourism in Thailand. It includes mainly Japanese, and Koreans, Malaysians, Chinese, Singaporeans and Taiwanese. Here is a general classification of hotels:


From 200 to 900 B, ventilation or air conditioning; shower with hot water. These are often mini-hotels, mostly in the provinces, with comfortable rooms, but small in size, simple in decoration and not necessarily including breakfast. Low-end hotels with mainly local clientele are not recommended for foreign tourists because of their lack of comfort or maintenance.


From 1,000 to 1,900 B; air-conditioned; private shower (hot water); minibar; cable TV (some international channels); restaurant or coffee shop available. In this category, some of the more upscale hotels catering to Asian businessmen - of fairly old construction and usually run by local Chinese families - are a good option for Westerners because of their relative comfort and reasonable rates. These establishments can be found in every city in the country of any commercial importance.


Above 2,000 B. All modern comforts of international category; several restaurants, bars or nightclubs available; massage salon or spa. International hotels are categorized according to the number of stars. Count from 5,000 to 30,000 B for a 5-star hotel, from 3,000 to 5,000 B for a 4-star hotel, and from 1,000 to 2,000 B for a 3-star hotel. As these luxury establishments are often half empty, substantial discounts or upgrades are spontaneously granted during the low tourist season.

The rates we give in this guide are for a double room, except in dormitories, where it is a single bed


Camping. Because of or because of the inexpensive hotel accommodations, camping has never really developed in Thailand, except in the national parks, of course, and in northern Phuket. It must be said that even outside the monsoon season, a simple storm makes you think twice. And then, the humid heat soon turns a tent into a real sauna. Nevertheless, don't forget a light sleeping bag or better a meat bag, a mosquito net if you are a trekking enthusiast. During trekking in the northern region, accommodation is often in ethnic villages, and the tent is not necessary

To be bookedTo be booked

Room reservations. Even if you haven't booked a hotel for your first night in Bangkok (before you arrive in the country), it's not so bad (although it's not recommended): there are still plenty of options. You just have to choose the right neighborhood and, by the way, there is a reservation desk at the airport. In case of hesitation, if you don't know the capital well enough, it's better to choose a slightly more expensive and comfortable hotel in Bangkok to save money on accommodation outside the capital. From 700 B, in low season, you can find a decent accommodation. Try to take into account the proximity of the subway (city map) or a bus station.

What's very localWhat's very local

Guesthouses mean guesthouse, but in the country this word has a much broader meaning. Most often the preferred choice of budget travellers, these establishments offer a variety of even less expensive accommodation: from 200 to 800 B. In fact, anything and everything can be found in this category. The price difference is clear between ventilated rooms - "  Fan  " - or air-conditioned rooms - "  A/C - Air Condition  " - with or without TV (very important for Thai people). Visit the room before settling in of course, especially the douches ! A rebate is sometimes granted when you plan to stay for a minimum of three days, provided you ask nicely. Outside of Bangkok and tourist cities, the price of rooms is obviously less élevé : from 25 to 30 % cheaper, on average. The same is true if one agrees to move away from the beaches in the resorts.

For food loversFor food lovers

The breakfasts of the big hotels often offer buffets where Western breakfast (American, English, cereals, eggs, pastries ...) is combined with Thai breakfast, often exclusively salty (rice soup, curry ...).

The small establishments frequented mostly by locals often offer only Thai breakfast.


Smoking is strictly forbidden in public places. You have to get at least 5 meters away from the house to smoke. Beware, the fine is very salty and Thai people hate being bothered by cigarette smoke. However, smoking areas are often provided at the entrance of the hotels. In practice, some people tolerate smoking on the balcony or on the roof of the establishment (these establishments are often those on the beachfront). The electronic (or vaporous) cigarette is illegal in the country.

Tourist trapsTourist traps

Be careful, in some hotels, calls are recorded on computer for each room, so check every evening (especially the night of your arrival) the amount of your calls, because if the previous guest has not paid his or her calls, you are liable for them (same goes for the contents of the bar). International calls and faxes (also long-distance) are usually heavily charged by hotels.