The very typical and touristic department of the Ardèche runs along the Rhône valley and looks across the river at the department of the Drôme. The Ardèche borders the Loire, Lozère, Haute-Loire and Gard at the same time. This very mineral territory takes its name from the river that marks its landscape and whose gorges, the stronghold of canoeing, are almost world-famous. The reasons to be amazed are many and varied. What is obvious first of all is the beauty of the landscapes, the juices, the gorges, the massifs, the valleys, the terraced crops, the dry stone walls along the fields and hiking trails, the villages preserved on their promontory... This territory shelters the regional natural park of the Monts d'Ardèche and its treasures including the Pont d'Arcnatural vault which spans the river, the cave decorated with the Pont d'Arc, reconstruction of the Chauvet cave, the cave of the Aven d'Orgnac and its museum of prehistory, Alba-la-Romaine and its archaeological site, without forgetting the safari of Peaugres or the magical wood of Païolive

The Ardèche is also a gourmet country where you take the time to eat and drink, one of the pleasures of the destination. Under the Goûter l'Ardèche label, look for the restaurants of Les Toqués de l'Ardèche, the local bistros and other restaurants where local products, chestnuts, lamb, Mezenc beef, Boreas purple potato, mountain charcuterie, wild mushrooms, local wines and fruit juices, among other authentic flavours, are highlighted.

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When to leave? The high tourist season in the Ardèche is summer, when canoeists and kayakers come and go on the white waters of the river. Several sporting events around hiking, mountain biking, trail riding and canoeing punctuate the Ardèche summer. In addition, there are festivals and village festivals. In July, it is the Circus Festival in Alba-la-Romaine, in August, the winegrowers introduce us to their vintages, in September, place humour in Tournon-sur-Rhône, in October, we celebrate the chestnut, during the Castagnades... And all year round, you can fill your basket at farmers' markets with goat cheese, honey and other delicacies. The picturesque roads attract motorcyclists and motorists who have time to enjoy the scenery. However, winter is avoided when snow and ice make mountain driving a little dangerous. We prefer school holidays to come with the children, because the Ardèche is an ideal family destination, swimming in summer, visiting museums on prehistory, discovering caves, theme walks arranged. Be careful, a lot of equipment closes in winter. Similarly, many restaurants and hotels are only open during the summer months. The Ardèche is emptying, the irreducible ones remain, which is not without charm!

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When to travel?

When to leave? The high tourist season in the Ardèche is summer, when canoeists and kayakers come and go on the whit...
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In summer, the Ardèche offers sun and light. The climate is temperate but reputed to be harsh, especially in the mou...
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