From Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean for their French part, the Alps offer a mosaic of countries integrated into the most beautiful mountain range in the world. The Alps are different from Annecy to Nice and the Petit Futé Alpes wants you to discover their diversity. Each town, each village, each valley proudly carries its traditions, its unique heritage. In the vastness of a still wild nature, preserved by a dozen national and regional parks, man has made his place in the face of the hostile elements. The Alps are incredibly rich, and not only because of the white gold! Of course, Le Petit Futé will take you to the biggest ski resorts with their state-of-the-art equipment, but also to the more family-friendly resorts. And if it slips on all kinds of boards in winter, it rides in summer on the roads of the Tour de France and on the marked trails for mountain bikes. Trails on which sportsmen and women trail, while others hike or climb to the summits.

Dream and go back in time in the surprising valley of the Wonders with southern accents! Dive into the icy lakes of the Vanoise as in the Far North! Go to the end of the world by crossing the Vercors and its unexplored forests! The Alps, it's a whole adventure that Le Petit Futé offers you to share according to your desires. All types of accommodation are at your disposal in our guide: make a stopover in a refuge, rest in a bed and breakfast or in a top-of-the-range hotel with swimming pool and spa. And like the mountain, it digs, enjoy one of the many mountain specialties, whose secrets of preparation are passed down from generation to generation in small restaurants selected by our authors. From the fondues of the Savoie region to the tourtons of the Hautes-Alpes, with cheese and cold cuts platters from our mountains, treat yourself before or after a good skiing session, a paragliding flight or a swim in a lake. Each massif, each valley reveals its specificities in this alpine unit. Take a deep breath and leave, with your Petit Futé guide in your pocket, on a journey through the Alps like you've never seen them before.

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