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At the foot of Mont-Blanc (4,800 m), Chamonix, Cham for those who are intimate - and especially do not pronounce the x ! -now named Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, has 16 villages and hamlets. This highly touristic high-mountain municipality is known as the Mecca of mountaineers and the headquarters of high-mountain guides, a brotherhood whose ethics and courage are admired. You are here at an altitude of more than 1,000 m, on the border with Switzerland and Italy, which share the immense Mont-Blanc ski area with France. In summer, there are hikers and tourists, in winter skiers. And all year round, we speak English. Many of them have their habits here, even their second homes, the English mountaineers. Every year since 1924, the famous Fête des guides has been held, the proceeds of which go to the Caisse de secours fund. At the end of August, it is The North Face Ultra-trail du Mont-Blanc, a run on the Tour du Mont-Blanc route. In summer, tourists march past the Mer de Glace (glacier which retreats each year with global warming), the white lake. In winter, skiers flock to the Vallée blanche. Here, the immaculate mountain is only a distant memory. But the party is on in the evening and the authentic climbers continue to flock, backpack, crampons and ice axes to support them and head for the summits. Mountain lovers do not miss to visit the tombs of the city's cemetery, in homage to pioneers and great mountaineers. Your favourite tourist guide will be very useful to discover the wonders of this destination.

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When to go to Chamonix? There are clearly two tourist seasons in Chamonix, summer, that of mountaineers, hikers and mass tourism, winter, that of skiers. In spring, the ski touring season is added, but it is a more confidential tourism. In any case, you will meet foreigners, because Chamonix is a mythical and international destination. So, if it is the calm of the mountains and low prices that you are looking for, avoid the two tourist seasons or take your backpack early in the morning to climb higher and avoid the crowds. This city, which saw the birth of mountaineering, was only a mountain village where life was very harsh before becoming a luxury resort. Hard to imagine! Several highlights punctuate the year and add to the crowds. In summer, meet for the Fête des Guides, the International Climbing Festival and the Ultra-trail du Mont-Blanc. In January, it is the Alpine Skiing World Cup. You have been warned. And yet Cham keeps his superb and always has an undeniable seduction. Unique and majestic in its mountain setting.

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When to travel?

When to go to Chamonix? There are clearly two tourist seasons in Chamonix, summer, that of mountaineers, hikers and m...
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Chamonix has a typical alpine mountain climate. The average temperatures range from -2.4°C in January to 19°C in Ju...
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