Straddling four departments, Allier, Cantal, Haute-Loire and Puy-de-Dôme, Auvergne is a magnificent medium mountain region famous for the Chaîne des Puys, its thermal resorts and its cuisine. The 80 volcanoes of Auvergne, a natural treasure unique in Europe, will offer you an ideal place for outdoor activities: hiking, cycling, white water sports, skiing, snowshoeing, sledging in winter. The history of Auvergne is also strongly linked to thermalism with the presence of 109 springs and ten cities of water. Heritage lovers will be able to marvel at the five major religious buildings of Romanesque art, including Notre-Dame-du-Port in Clermont-Ferrand, on the roads to Santiago de Compostela. Not to mention the dozens of castles, some of which offer guided tours to plunge the youngest into medieval history. With your family, you can enjoy unforgettable and unusual moments in the many parks and museums of the region: Vulcania to see the volcanoes in a different light, l'Aventure Michelinto learn everything about this great Clermontese name, the Pal for a relaxing day, the ASM Experience unique museum for rugby enthusiasts.... In Auvergne, good restaurants and gourmet products abound. Let yourself be tempted by a saint-nectaire or a salt, a saint-pourçain or a côtes-d'auvergne. Not to mention the lentil from Le Puy... and so many other delicacies!

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Depending on your activity, you can go to Auvergne in all seasons. Every season has its charms! Prices will rise in the high season (winter holidays, July and August), as will attendance. While winter sports resorts are less popular than alpine resorts, it is nevertheless necessary to book your accommodation well in advance. If winter allows skiing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, visiting Auvergne during the other seasons will allow you to broaden your range of activities. The light of summer and autumn is particularly sublime and gives nature amazing colours

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When to travel?

Depending on your activity, you can go to Auvergne in all seasons. Every season has its charms! Prices will rise in t...
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The Auvergne climate, due to the large size of the region, is divided into two sub-climates. To the southwest (in Can...
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C.Vélo : du changement pour les vélos en libre service et en location à Clermont-Ferrand

In Clermont-Ferrand, new players are now involved in providing the self-service bicycle and long-term rental service. It should be noted that the fleet has been renewed by recycling the old equipment. The current bikes are more robust, lighter and more comfortable. Long-term rental is still possible for mechanical bikes from the age of 16. New electrically-assisted bicycles will also be available to expand the range of services. 5 new ...

Plusieurs actualités à suivre à Vulcania

For the start of the new school year in 2021, Vulcania is unveiling its not-to-be-missed autumn news. Those who want to live a dynamic experience can start by getting on board Namazu, the park's first coaster built around the theme of earthquakes. They will also discover the monitoring and research laboratory of a team of seismologists. Also not to be missed is the film "In the eyes of Thomas Pesquet", shown on a giant screen, which allows ...

Clermont en Rose : courir et marcher pour soutenir la lutte contre le cancer du sein

In order to engage locally in the fight against breast cancer, the association Clermont en Rose proposes a 5 km run-walk in the streets of Clermont-Ferrand. All registrations and spontaneous donations are donated to local associations and research organizations related to breast cancer. In addition to supporting an important fight, this event aims to raise awareness of physical activity and sports, which is recognized as contributing to ...

Exposition Perds pas le Nord : techniques des êtres vivants pour se repérer et se déplacer

The Henri-Lecoq Museum is offering an exhibition on the techniques used by living beings to find their way around. By Man of course, with our physiological senses and tools such as the compass, compasses, maps and other GPS. But also by animals, bacteria and plants. The public will find about a hundred objects, naturalized specimens and educational models. They are then guided around the complex question of our bearings in space. This ...

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