Saint-Flour is divided into two parts: the "lower" town and the "upper" town . Remember this if you ask the locals for directions! When you come from the north of the Auvergne, via the A75 motorway, it is hard to miss the high towers of its cathedral perched on its basalt promontory! The town itself is worth a visit: medieval alleys, ramparts, 15th century mansions, Old Bridge... Volcanic stone can give the impression of hardening the place, but its dark colour above all reveals a typical character and offers an exceptional built heritage. Remarkable views of the surrounding countryside enrich this landscape. But don't think you've seen it all after visiting the town: Saint-Flour and its country are labelled Pays d'art et d'histoire, with its picturesque villages such as Chaliers or Sailhant. A few kilometres away, you can discover the wild Truyère gorges, dominated by the Garabit viaduct and the Château d'Alleuze. For the sportsmen, welcome! You are in a land of hiking and even mountain biking, with no less than 35 marked circuits labelled VTT-FFC. In summer, let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere of village festivals, country markets and major cultural events such as the Highlands Festival (late June) or the Festa del Païs (early August).

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