Salers, do not pronounce the final S, is the most visited city of Cantal. Every year, thousands of tourists come to visit, in the middle of the mountains, this jewel of the Cantal, classified among the most beautiful villages of France. And it is deserved, so much Salers knew to preserve its character around its church, its belfry and the frontages of its private mansions. The barons of Salers have long evoked Italian origins which could explain the proximity of the name of Salerme, as well as the possession of the relics of Saint Mathieu in both towns. Salers was the seat of the bailiwick of Haute-Auvergne from 1550, at the expense of the neighboring town of Saint-Martin-Valmeroux. The local bourgeoisie gave birth to a nobility of dress. This is the source of the wealth of buildings that make up the center of the city. After the closure of the bailiwick during the Revolution, the town lost all influence. Far from the communication routes, Salers has managed to preserve its architectural heritage from economic and urban developments. Today, this is its greatest asset with the explosion of tourism.

Many craftsmen have settled in the streets. From the terraces along the old rampart, the view is breathtaking. A few kilometers away, you can reach the Pas de Peyrol via the Col de Néronne and from there the summit of the Puy Mary.

Salers shares its name with a local breed of cow with a mahogany coat and lyre-shaped horns, a cheese and a brand of gentian-based liqueur. It's hard to escape the charm of Salers...

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