At the entrance to the main street of this historic town, which evokes a famous marshal and was founded by the viscounts of Turenne a thousand years ago. A glorious and powerful Viscount. The rue du Commandant Charollais, the Courrèze house, seat of the Viscounty States in the 17th century, the Place de la Halle (destroyed in 1952), the Vachon house with dovecote and decorated bays (formerly the house of the consuls of Turenne in the 16th and 17th centuries), the Louis XIII style Carbonnières hotel with turret and watchtower.... or the Maison du Chapitre, in the rue Joseph Rouveyrol, remarkable for its door with pinnacles in flamboyant gothic style. Towards the hillock, the Calvary tower recalls the3rd enclosure. The fortified door leads into the2nd where the Seneschal's house and the Capuchin chapel (1643) are located, hosting exhibitions. From the esplanade surrounding the limestone cliff, one can enjoy a superb view that one can take the time to contemplate, sitting on a bench.

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