Excavations carried out in the last century show the presence of the sub-prefecture in the Gallo-Roman period. A Carolingian church had been built there, but it was covered in the 11th century by the church of Saint Peter. The origin of this church is linked to a legend: Princess Théodéchile, daughter of Clovis, passing through the forest which then covered Mauriac, would have witnessed an apparition of the Virgin. As a result, she decided to have a church and a monastery built. The lord of the time had lost a battle against Clovis, he was cloistered in Sens and his lands were given to the monks. Thus the church and monastery became the property of the monks of Sens. A certain tension reigned between the monks and the Bishop of Clermont, who ordered the construction of the Romanesque basilica of Notre-Dame-des-Miracles - 11th and 12th centuries - just next to the monastery. This led to many fights. Over the years, the city prospered thanks, among other things, to its geographical location, which made it possible to reach Clermont by bypassing the volcanic massif to the south. The opening of a Jesuit college in 1563 contributed to the intellectual development of the city, which was enriched by superb bourgeois houses. Having become the administrative capital in the 17th and 18th centuries, Mauriac continued to expand, but began a certain decline from the end of the 19th century. It has undergone a renaissance in the last thirty years, thanks to the construction of a vocational high school, a holiday village and a large cattle market, which has been made possible by the new road link between Clermont and Aurillac. The numerous 17th and 18th century buildings in the "old Mauriac", the courthouse, the sub-prefecture - the former Hôtel d'Orcet -, the Notre-Dame-des-Miracles basilica and the Marmontel high school are all worth seeing, former Jesuit college rebuilt in the 18th century - which hosts art exhibitions in July and August -, the town hall, built with the stones of the old church from 1924, the monastery and the remains of the Saint-Pierre church, the Puy-Saint-Mary chapel which dominates the town.

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