Sarlat was founded in the 9th century and was built around a Benedictine abbey. Very quickly the town grew rich under the direct authority of the Holy See of Rome. The Hundred Years War (1337-1453) and the plague had serious economic and demographic consequences. It was during the reconstruction, in the 15th and 16th centuries, that the town was adorned with superb town houses. Its commercial and craft activities developed, and new ideas were born with Etienne de La Boëtie. The town kept its panache until the 18th century, when it began to decline due to its geographical isolation. In 1962, André Malraux created the law on protected areas, and Sarlat became the "laboratory town". For 25 years, the restorations follow one another and bring the medieval city back to life. Today, Sarlat is the first city in Europe by its number of listed buildings per square meter. It is a real jewel, witnessing the medieval and Renaissance eras. It is necessary to walk in the city to admire the private mansions and the beautiful residences, one of the most known being that of La Boétie. A tour is offered by the tourist office.

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