The town of Terrasson-Lavilledieu is situated in the Périgord Noir, at the crossroads of the Périgord, Limousin and Quercy. It has more than 6,200 inhabitants. The ancient terraced town overlooks the Vézère river from its wall and the Malpas cliff. Terrasson-Lavilledieu has been occupied since the Gallo-Roman period as evidenced by Gaubert's mosaic found in the remains of a villae. In a remarkable state of conservation, it is now exposed at the Maison du Patrimoine. It was in the 6th century that the monk Sorus settled as a hermit in a cave (listed as a Historic Monument, it is visible from a hiking trail a few hundred meters from the city). King Gontran, suffering from leprosy and incurable came to meet him. The monk cured him with water from a spring (Place de Genouillac) that he had just blessed. When the king was cured, he gave him a gift that allowed the monk to establish his abbey: this was the foundation of Terrasson. The abbey church, entirely renovated by the municipality, has regained its former splendour. The old bridge, with its 6 Romanesque and ogival arches, itself restored and illuminated in the evening, dates from the 12th century. Terrasson is a town of springs and gardens: a dozen fountains and several gardens of 18th century inspiration are spread throughout the old town (map at the tourist office). The heritage house near the church allows you to discover the history of Terrasson (free entrance). On more than 6 ha dominating the city, the "Jardins de l'Imaginaire" are a contemporary creation unique in Europe which changes its face with the seasons. Terrasson is also a gourmet town: it has several good restaurants and a Chocolate Museum. Several art craftsmen are established in the shops: glassblower, ceramist, sculptor, etc. They invite you to discover authentic creations made 100% locally. Several cluzeaux (underground shelters) are freely open to visitors. On summer evenings Terrasson lights up and shines with a thousand lights: festival les Chemins de l'Imaginaire (early July), Video Mapping on the Saint-Sour facade, night shows in the Jardins de l'Imaginaire, Mercredis du Bassin (several concert stages in the town), torchlight processions, nautical jousts, themed tours of the town, etc. Without forgetting its legendary sound and light of July 14th. Unfortunately, they will not be held this season in 2020.

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