A medieval city, the city of 7 towers stands on a limestone plateau, the causse that bears its name. This is an opportunity to discover its history through a visit to several of its monuments. The 18th century market hall, built on the site of the first town hall where the consuls and the seneschal of the town used to meet, is remarkable, with its heavy chestnut framework on massive pillars and its four grain measures. A market is held there on Wednesday and Saturday mornings to perpetuate the tradition. The Tournemire tower was used as a defence and a prison. You can see some strange graffiti on the walls. Go and see the Maison Grise (16th century) which was the home of Antoine Judicis, president of the Paris revolutionary court, who sent Fouquier-Tinville, known as the archangel of terror, to the scaffold in May 1795. Finally, finish your visit with the church of Saint-Maur, to keep Martel in mind! In addition to this exceptional architectural heritage, Martel is also known for its gastronomic treasures: the black truffle known as tubermelanosporum and the walnut. You should not come to Martel without scheduling a small steam train ride called the Truffadou. Besides the pleasure of seeing a steam locomotive in action, the trip is also an opportunity to admire the Dordogne valley from a unique point of view. You will take part of the old railway line from Bordeaux to Aurillac, built between 1880 and 1884, and put into service in 1889. This line is cut into the cliff of Mirandol, overhanging the Dordogne by 80 m.!

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