A crossroads of northern Cantal, the origins of the village date back to Gallo-Roman times, as evidenced by the remains discovered in the subsoil of Riom-ès-Montagnes. The old town was destroyed by the Saracens and then rebuilt around an abbey, giving birth to the church of Saint-Georges, one of the most beautiful in the department. The original building dates from the 12th century, but was rebuilt in the 13th, 15th and 19th centuries. It is in pure Auvergne Romanesque style with a cul-de-four heart and a 13th century triple arched door. From time immemorial, the city has had a market vocation as its name seems to attest, rigomagos, the market of the king. Today it is renowned for its cheese industry and the processing of gentian by a company that perpetuates the traditional manufacture of aperitifs made from fresh roots.

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