The mound of Sévérac has been occupied since prehistoric times. Culminating at an altitude of 817 m, it offers an incredible panorama of the plain where the Aveyron river rises and has always allowed its occupants to see the enemy from afar! It is probably for this reason that the Romans erected a stronghold there, as the "ac" ending of Séverac suggests (Gallo-Roman period). Witness of this presence: the Roman fountain, which proves the mastery of the Romans in the field of water channelling. Séverac consolidated its dual vocation as a fortress and a shopping centre from ancient times, in the shadow of its famous fortified castle whose construction probably began as early as the 10th century. The first traces of Sévérac's existence date back to the year 1030: Mistletoe I of Sévérac had a feudal castle built on the mound. The village logically developed below the castle, protected by a high rampart and a moat and accessed through four gates, with harrows and drawbridges. This hasn't changed: the village can still be reached today through two of these gates piercing the rampart, the Latazou Gate and the Peyrou Gate, and you will discover a real jewel of architectural heritage, with one of the oldest houses in the Rouergue, dating from the 12th century, the house of Jeanne, half-timbered or corbelled houses, not forgetting the Consuls' house, which is one of the best preserved of the cité  : Inside, we discover a model of the castle as it was in the 17th century, old texts, slide shows, a virtual video on its construction. Along the streets, one still discovers Gothic arched openings testifying to the commercial activity of the place, one passes under a house that allows one to join one street to the other through a vaulted passage ... Many streets are paved, and the absence of cars makes it possible to better appreciate the medieval atmosphere that emanates from this place.

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