In the restaurants of Albi, you will be able to discover local culinary specialities such as tripe à l'albigeoise or foie gras à l'albigeoise and taste gimblettes, typical pastries with orange blossom water. In the city of Albi, in a warmly decorated restaurant or on a terrace in the historic centre, not far from the Albi cathedral or the Toulouse-Lautrec museum, you can enjoy traditional cuisine based on local products. The best restaurants in Albi also offer creative cuisine, usually prepared by a young chef who handles seasonal produce with brio and offers a revisited homemade cuisine that is made with the seasons in mind. Albi's restaurants are not only limited to local and French cuisine; your taste buds will also try international gourmet cuisine including Italian, Japanese and Thai. Finally, you will also rather easily find a good table at reasonable prices in Albi all year round but especially outside the summer season: bistro, burger restaurant, restaurant with daily menu, rotisserie, pancake restaurant, grill restaurant or with vegan choices, trattoria, bistronomic or semi-gastronomic restaurant, wine bar, restaurant bar, brasserie... The restaurants of Albi are suitable for all budgets (starred restaurant, Toques blanches, Master restaurateur, Quality tourism ...) but also to a varied clientele with tables of all styles (dinner show, party menus, business meals, welcoming groups).

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