Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert is one of the most beautiful villages in France. Its inscription on the World Heritage List by UNESCO, together with the Devil's Bridge, proves its major interest. This valley, where Guilhem withdrew in 806 after founding the monastery of Gellone, was a veritable desert that only the Neolithic shepherds had ever visited. A stone setting with vertiginous cliffs where thyme, oak and pine trees cling, this landscape made of stone and sky is enchanting. In its heart is nestled the legendary city of Saint-Guilhem, which then appears as a real oasis. Along the Verdus stream, it has stretched its old lanes under the Languedoc sun for twelve centuries. Its interlocking houses, covered with tiles that have been given a patina by the sun and the weight of the years, are not all singular, but still bear the traces of their past: arcatures, lintels, double windows... Developed around the abbey of Gellone, the village, which has retained its medieval identity, forms a harmonious whole.

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