Active city during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (some beautiful houses to admire), it has a beautiful Romanesque church, built in the 11th century but rebuilt since. Although Ispagnac was attacked by Huguenot captain Mathieu Merle in 1580, the ship persisted. Very well restored, it is distinguished by its dome, its octagonal bell tower and its three-bayed nave. The porch, high and deep, protects a Romanesque portal and a niche embedded in the wall that used to welcome abandoned children. The choice of material, a beautiful golden limestone, gives the building a lighter shade, especially on the western façade, which has a two-vessel portal and a groove, perhaps intended to receive a defensive element. A few additions from the 17th century modified the purely Romanesque form without however distorting the whole. It is attached to the remains of a priory that guards the remains of fortifications. The interior retains the same purity and simplicity of lines: the decoration in Lombard bands of the apse and the apsidioles is characteristic of the first Southern Romanesque art. It can be visited free of charge all year round with, as a bonus, a sound and light show highlighting the richness of the religious building. Following the Tarn, the imposing Quézac Gothic bridge spans the river. Its importance can only be explained by the need to ensure the passage in all seasons to the many pilgrims who, in the Middle Ages, came to venerate the Virgin of Quézac. The statue, destroyed by the Huguenots, was replaced and is still the subject of a pilgrimage in September. Further downstream, the castles of Rocheblave and Charbonnières (not to be visited) testify both to the strategic importance of the places, but also to the refined art of living of past centuries. The village of Montbrun, perched on a hillock overlooking the valley, has been able to keep its authentic character by being a little out of the tourist flow of the gorges. Its houses, narrowly built in concentric circles formed a sort of rampart that protected the village; well preserved, they form a beautiful architectural ensemble.

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