This destination, long symbolic of skiing and mountaineering, has diversified. Of course, theAlpe d'Huez and the Deux-Alpes, continue to attract lovers of skiing, the Ecrins massif is a delight for climbers and those who prefer the cow mountain can enjoy the Chartreuse and the Vercors. But if the massifs are the charm assets of the Isère, beautifying the landscape from one end of the department to the other, they are not the only attractions. Developing a gentle tourism, Isère offers its natural environment with the presence of a national park (Les Ecrins), two regional parks (Chartreuse and Vercors), numerous nature reserves and many sensitive natural areas, particularly remarkable wetlands. The capital of the Alps, Grenoble, is not lacking in charm with its old centre, its quays, its Fine Arts Museum and its student atmosphere. Other cities to visit include Vienna, the ancient and Roman city, and among the jewels of Isère, the musée d'Art sacré contemporain of Saint-Hugues-en-Chatreuse which houses the breathtaking work of Arcabas, the Grande Chartreuse museum below the monastery which has made a liqueur and a massif famous in the world. Families in Isère have two essential attractions: the Magie des Automates site (Lans-en-Vercors) and the Walibi amusement park (Les Avenières). Your tour guide will inform you about the great moments and the great sites of Isère.

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Come in winter for skiing, you are sure to find snow at high altitudes. As soon as the weather is fine, you can walk along the many hiking trails in the mountains but also in the valleys. Even if the high tourist season remains winter, Isère is a destination that can be enjoyed all year round. In the city, there are no closures for museums and other cultural sites and monuments to visit. Only the ski resorts are empty during the off-seasons, with the exception of the small, lively village resorts all year round. A tram ride to discover the street art spots of Grenoble is all year round, for example. But for the Vienna Jazz Festival, one of the most important in Europe, it is the end of June/beginning of July. However, advice to avoid Grenoble at the height of summer, there is a real heat wave, so all you have to do is climb to the top all around or dive into a lake

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When to travel?

Come in winter for skiing, you are sure to find snow at high altitudes. As soon as the weather is fine, you can walk...
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The Isère is subjected to a patchwork of climates diversified according to altitude and exposure. From north to sout...
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