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Majestic, grandiose, the Alps serve as a natural border between France and its Swiss and Italian neighbours. Present in nine departments, the French Alps, which culminate at 4,809 m with Mont-Blanc, offer a multitude of tourist activities, and it is certainly not to be believed that they are reserved for winter holidays alone. From Haute-Savoie to Alpes-Maritimes, passing through Isère, Savoie and Hautes-Alpes in particular, the landscapes they present vary from one department to another, even from one massif or valley to another. Winter sports are of course in the spotlight with hundreds of ski resorts. Among the most famous, we can mention in particular the Three Valleys domain (8 resorts and 600 kilometres of slopes, including Courchevel and Val-Thorens), Val-d'Isèreor Tignes. But let's not forget either the summer activities offered by resorts among which hiking, trail, mountain biking, paragliding, wellness stays.... If the Alps are one of France's leading tourist regions, it is because of the skilful blend of unspoilt nature - the Vanoise, Mercantour, Écrins or Vercors parks, sumptuous lakes and small rivers - and the settlement of mankind that they owe it

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You can go to the Alps in summer and winter, depending on the activities you are looking for. Winter will be good for skiing, and more generally for sliding sports. To get there at this time, remember to book several months in advance: accommodation available at the last minute is scarce. However, in this season, prices are very expensive (especially during school holidays). If possible, try to leave outside these areas (January, early February or early December)

The alpine summer, with the development of summer activities (hiking, mountain biking, wellness stays...), will also be an expensive period when the mountains are "invaded", and the prices high. Finally, be aware that the period varies greatly depending on the Alpine region where you go: the activities, weather and prices will not be the same at all depending on whether you go to Annecy, Courchevel or Barcelona for example

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