To Buis-les-Baronnies, the linden tree. To Nyons, the olive! The olive of Nyons, it goes without saying, and its oil with such a particular flavour. The olive and many other attractions. The gods looked down on the cradle of this charming little town. On this site, with its privileged microclimate, the Romans founded Novio Magus, a new market. That is to say if the commercial vocation of Nyons is ancient... Today, it is precisely on Thursday, market day, that Nyons is most attractive. The stalls offer everything that Provence produces in terms of flavours, fruit and vegetables, cheese and jams, but also pottery, weaving, soap, lavender or rosemary essential oils... Nyons invites you to languish, wicker basket full, on the terrace of a café in front of a local fruit juice (apricot for example!) or a glass of Côte-du-Rhône, nibbling a few olives! Nyons is also the pleasure of strolling in the old centre, which has been beautifully restored, walking along the Eygues river and finally choosing among these small restaurants which compete to magnify the local products. Moreover, Nyons, in the aftermath of obtaining the AOC label for its olive - the first in France to be honoured with the gourmet label - was stamped with the label Site remarquable du goût (Remarkable Site of Taste). The air is fragrant. Near the river lavender is distilled... So, of course, it's a real crush on Nyons!

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