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Voyage à Dubaï : quelles démarches à faire concernant le visa ?

Dubai is one of those destinations that attract many visitors every year to enjoy a sprawling city in the middle of the desert and on the shores of the Persian Gulf. With modern architecture, museums, year-round sunny beaches, shopping, desert getaways, old town sightseeing and lively nightlife, there is something for every type of traveller. When planning a trip to the UAE's premier city, it's time to consider what documents you'll need to ...

Visiter Dubaï avec ces 11 activités à faire pour découvrir la ville

Luxury, modernity, superficiality and grandeur are the words that define Dubai. It is true that this city knows the two extremes: sometimes loved, sometimes hated. However, going to Dubai is synonymous with great discoveries and activities to do. Some visits are even a must, as they build the reputation of the United Arab Emirates!Throughout this guide, we share with you the things you should do in Dubai. Even if your stay is only for a few ...

Rencontre avec Laura Pouliquen du podcast

Laura Pouliquen is a French expatriate in Dubai. She created the podcast "Stories from Dubai" which is the first French podcast about Dubai. She tells the real life in Dubai, far from the clichés, through interviews of those who live and work in Dubai. How did you get the idea to move to Dubai? I have been living in Dubai for a little over a year. It was a job opportunity for my husband that brought us here. I would never have imagined ...